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A month later
Slim's POV
📍A house party

"Yo lemme holla at you" someone said tapping me. I turned my head to see this stud. She was fine but I really don't do studs.

"No thanks. Ion do studs" I said taking a sip of my drink. "Come on. Gimme a chance ma" she said grabbing my hand. I snatched my hand away and mugged her.

Before I could speak I heard a different voice. "You heard her" this girl said coming up to me. She was fine as the fuck. She needa holla at me.

"What's your name?" She asked. "Slim. Yours?" "Kiarrah." She said. "Wanna dance?" I asked and she nodded. I put my drink down and we headed to the dance floor.

We started dancing and grinding on each other. Just enjoying the music and vibing together. A couple of minutes went by and she was now turned around.

She threw her arms around my neck as we swayed. "So slim. Do you have a girlfriend?" She asked. "Yep but I'm with you ain't I?" I asked feeling on her ass.

She got a lil sum sum back there. More like a dump truck though. "You ain't shit" she said laughing. "You ain't either. You breaking up a happy home"

"Can't be too happy if you tryna fuck me" she said tilting her head. "Damn I'm that obvious?" I asked laughing a little. "Yep and I ain't fucking you though. You ain't even kissed me yet" she said.

What the fuck that gotta do with me tryna fuck? "So kiss me" I said. Ion really like going around and just kissing everyone but she cute and her lips juicy.

She grabbed my face and brung her lips to mine. I grabbed her ass while adding tongue. We made out for a bit before I pulled back.

She an Ight kisser. Or maybe she's good and them just ain't the lips I want. Anyway I pulled back and looked around to find a bathroom.

While looking my eyes met Tiny's. Damn I ain't know she was here. The look on her face was pure hurt. And it shook me up inside a little more than I'd care to admit.

She shook her head as a tear fell and walked away. "I'll uhh I'll be right back" I said releasing the girl and following the way Tiny went.

The path led me to a bathroom. I walked in and locked the door behind me. "Really Slim" she said staring at me through the mirror.

I looked down gathering what I wanted to say. "I told you, you didn't want this. I'm not capable of loving you. You deserve someone better. I'm not that person for you. Shit, ion even think I'm capable of catching feelings" I said looking at her now.

"So what was all that shit you told me before. The shit you told me before all this happened. Way back in the hotel about yo feelings. Why were you so willing to give us a shot back then? Why not now?" She asked wiping her face.

Because if you backed out before how do I know you won't do it again. Because you were the one person I got attached to. The one person I was drawn to. You took my feelings and shattered them. How do I know you won't do it again?

"I- that was then. Those were just words. I- I don't know. Okay look. You should go your own way and I'll go mine. I told you getting back with me was not what you wanted." I said leaning against the wall now.

They weren't just words. That was me tryna explain how I felt for her. Only for it to backfire. I've never done that but the one time I do it fucking backfires.

"So this is it huh?" She asked. "I guess. I just came in here to make sure you were okay. Are you okay now? Because I'm tryna get back." I said patting my head.

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