Blooper #1

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I didn't even finish the sex scene in this💀🤚🏾

Slim's POV

I'm currently sitting in my living room watching tv. Waiting on my girlfriend to get here. We're supposed to be having a movie night I guess.

Just as I was about to change the channel my door opened and in walks Asjah. "Damn what if I was naked. I should have never gave you a key" I said looking at her.

"Bye because you say that everytime. Anyway I kinda got a problem" "and the problem is?" "Jay'Lani came today and she brought Tiny" she said.

My eyes widened and I didn't have words. Why the fuck would she bring that girl? But then again it's been a year and some change so I shouldn't feel some type of way.

"Okay." I said slowly. "Okay? Because she's outside." "Yeah uhhh I don't care" I shrugged. I'm really trying my hardest not to feel any type of way.

She tilted her head at me knowing I was lying. "Girl if you don't go get them before I change my mind" I said and she laughed. When she walked out I took a deep breath.

I'm walked all of them. "Hey" I said not looking at the door. They said hey back and came to sit down. Jay'Lani and Asjah sat on one of the little couches. While Tiny sat at the other end of mine.

I looked at her and our eyes met. Damn she still fine as fuck. That don't matter now though because she not mine and will never be. I'll still fuck the shit outta her. In my mind because I don't plan on ever being intimate with her again.

"Damn y'all just gon stare at each other the whole time?" Jay'Lani said snapping me out of my trance. I turned my head to her and stuck my middle finger up.

"No thanks. Asjah already does" she said which made Asjah start laughing. If she wasn't Asjah's girlfriend I'd fight her.

I faked smiled and turned back. Only to see Tiny still staring at me. Damn okay take a picture. "Can we talk?" She asked quietly. Why she so quiet now?

At first I wanted to say no but I kind of wanna hear what she got to say. "Yeah but later." I said and she nodded finally adverting her eyes off me.

Ding Dong "it's open" I yelled. The door opened and in walked Kiarrah my girlfriend. I forgot all about her. Oh well this should be good though.

"Hey yall. Hey baby" she said coming over to me. She kissed my lips and sat in my lap. Normally I wouldn't let her but today is going to be different.

"Shit" Jay'Lani said. "Stank ass hoe" Asjah said. She never liked Kiarrah and I don't know why.

Ignoring them I looked at Tiny to see her staring at Kiarrah. Staring daggers. Oh well she did this herself. Then her eyes met mine and she looked hurt.

For a second that bothered me. But I quickly shook That feeling away because I shouldn't care. I shouldn't care about how she feels. Her feelings
shouldn't matter to me.

She shouldn't even have an affect on me anymore. It's been over a year so why do I still care.

"Who's this?" Kiarrah asked pointing to Tiny. "This is Tiny." I said. "Oh y'all know each other?" "Very well" Tiny said being petty.

"Y'all got history or something?" "Nope not at all." I answered looking dead in Tiny's eyes. Hurt was what I wanted and hurt was what I achieved.

But what i didn't want was for me to feel some type of way when I saw her face. She was hurt because of my words but I was hurt because I caused it.

But why do I feel some type of way? I shouldn't. This shouldn't bother me. I watched as her face quickly changed and she pulled out her phone.

I shook my head and sat back. "Okay good" Kiarrah said. "And if we did?" Tiny asked. "We'd have a problem" Kiarrah said.

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