Unisex Toilets Are A Bad Idea.

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Raven's P.O.V

(A/N:I would like to make it clear that I like Juliet and think her and Andy are happy and a cute couple. If you don't then this chapter will most likely please you. If you do like her just remember it's fiction and hasn't happened. So chill yo.)

We'd been back home for an hour. I went to a bar with my sister Blade to mourn the death of our parents. Yes we were the cause of it but we have memories to set to rest so it seemed appropriate. The guys went to play at a gig as they hadn't been playing for a while, me and my sister had drunk about 16 different cocktails and we got bored so we left. The bartender looked shocked after we'd asked for the 8th drink but we shrugged it off. We had a high alcohol tolerance and were simply drinking for the taste and not the effect of the alcohol. We decided to watch the guys perform on stage for a while, they were simply fantastic at the art of music. I couldn't have been prouder to be associated with them. The set finally came to an end and we saw them walk to behind the stage and went off to talk to them.

CC, Jake, Ash and Jake were at the mini bar drinking cola (strange). I was expecting them to be necking back the beers but they held off. I was wondering where Andy was and I went to the bathroom. I saw the guys look worried before I left and sensed their emotions. They felt guilt. What the hell?! I strut into the only bathroom that was technically a disabled toilet but I don't think anyone was disabled, they just didn't see the point in having a female and male bathroom, seen as there was only a crew and a band back there.

I went to check my make up in the mirror and heard grunting and moaning in the next stall. I smelt the air and it was laced with sweat and cigarettes. Along with cinnamon and coconut. I heard the moans get louder and I knew exactly who it was. There was no doubt in my mind that I was dealing with a Vampire and a Mortal. Who I believe was named Juliet. We all know who that Vampire was. My beloved Andy. What to do with him. I had never been in this situation before, so I decided to let it play out as it intends to. Part of me want to skin this Juliet, but I know that Andy once (and perhaps even now). Had feelings for her, I wasn't going to be treated like I didn't matter though. I was so angry that I felt my hair change bright red. My hair will change colour along with my eyes depending on how strong my mood is and what that mood is also gets put into account. 

A/N: I don't know if this was the desired direction for this story but tbh is it upsets you there's always the comment box. Any suggestions will be taken into account. ~Raven<3

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