settle down [reus] by marcinhoe
settle down [reus]by aria reus ☀
"sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." © marcinhoe completed 2/10/15
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Black veil brides preference by hgage123
Black veil brides preferenceby Hannah
I think that name says it all, some are mine and some are from the internet. hope you enjoy. i do take requests if you have an idea for anything.
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Football Imagines by princesabarcelona
Football Imaginesby Katha
Football (soccer) Imagines about Football players from different clubs. Some might be requests some are completely by me :-)
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Instagram || Pulisic by Dancer9816
Instagram || Pulisicby Hannah Pulisic
The story of Hannah Bedal and Christian Pulisic via Instagram. Highest rankings: #1 in USMNT #1 in Pulisic #2 in Christian Pulisic #2 in BVBFanFic #5 in Footballer #6...
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Innocent - Andley by That-One-Misfit
Innocent - Andleyby Little Miss Blue
Ashley Purdy, a femboy, who's seems innocent; but is far from. Andy Biersack, a typical bad boy that doesn't give a fuck about anyone; but one certain femboy. I'm going...
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Dance // Marco Reus by Dijus-
Dance // Marco Reusby Dijus
Ich bin Bo. Ich bin Tänzerin. Ich arbeite ziemlich viel, denn vom tanzen allein schaffe ich es nicht alle meine Rechnung zu bezahlen. Also arbeite ich noch in dieser Bar...
  • marcoreus
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Ariana's Emo Sister (Andy Biersack fanfic) by BandsAreMyLove
Ariana's Emo Sister (Andy Beagle
Alison Grande, the sister of Ariana Grande, has been bossed around her whole life. She one day decides to change herself and name and start a band. They become pretty bi...
  • arianagrande
  • bvb
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Stepbrother by BlackVeilStories
Stepbrotherby BlackVeilStories
Carter Victoria is an only child and a 17 year old Junior in high school. As the school year is coming to an end, her mother announces that she will be getting married...
  • andybiersack
  • blackveilbrides
  • wattys2018
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Black Veil Brides x reader by Ghoul_Girl_204
Black Veil Brides x readerby A-Hexes 🕸⚰️
you can request a personal story by messaging me *member(s) *your name *what u want to happen I will write them into the story and message you when it gets done.
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number one fanboy ✧ andley (✓) EDITING by yestertae
number one fanboy ✧ andley (✓) 𝖇𝖗𝖎
❝u-um my name is andy biersack.❞ ❝i already know that babe.❞ ✧ where andy biersack is an obsessive fan for the band black veil brides, and it just so happens one day as...
  • ashley
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instagram ✦ p. dybala  by flvshbacks
instagram ✦ p. dybala by el 💟
a story in which they fell in love on instagram. @paulodybala started following you.
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REVULSION {a.b} ✔ by rlbcage
REVULSION {a.b} ✔by Sam
He reached out and took my hands. He held both of them and squeezed them softly. "I will be there." {inspired by ahs season 1} //trigger warning; this st...
  • andybvb
  • andyb
  • andyblack
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demented. {a.b} ON HOLD by rlbcage
demented. {a.b} ON HOLDby Sam
when love becomes an obsession TW: blood, cutting, knifeplay INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES HIGHEST RANKING: #20 in AndyBiersack
  • emo
  • scary
  • horror
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Emo Band Imagines by lovelyJudge
Emo Band Imaginesby sudi
Lots of emo bands. Currently trying to update more and faster. Enjoy reading the imagines. All imagined are X-reader. If you'd like to, leave a vote and a comment. For r...
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Fallen Angel ( black veil bride adoption) by MCR_lives_forever
Fallen Angel ( black veil bride MCR_lives_forever
13 year old Lake has a hard life. You could say that she was a fallen angel. When she was 6 her parents died. She was with them when they died. A car crash. she got ad...
  • jinxx
  • adoptedbyandybiersack
  • wattys2018
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Silence Can Be Broken (BVB) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Silence Can Be Broken (BVB) [ Jade
Kylie Sanchez has sworn that she wouldn't talk when her best friend Andy Biersack left for LA after graduated to form a band. After 6 years she kept the promise to herse...
  • bvbarmy
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New Life by VictoriaRamos004
New Lifeby Victoria Ramos
The second book in the Ashley Purdys daughter series. Rebel is now Avril Lavigine. When she is forced to go on Warped Tour. She runs into some problems.
  • bvb
  • hiding
  • andley
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Football Groupchat  by boreussadortmund
Football Groupchat by boreussadortmund
in which professional football players act like a bunch of teenagers or that time Geri got that fantastic idea to unite the football clubs in one huge, chaotic groupchat
  • realmadrid
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  • neymarjr
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That Generic Emo Story by AnotherLoserKilljoy
That Generic Emo Storyby Riley Spinner
Hi, I'm Rhea-Jane and this is just another basic, emo fan fiction.
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Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?! by ItsAMexicanUnicorn
Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?!by ItsAMexicanUnicorn
16 year old Blade Emerson is bullied, and abused but when her dad dies she has to go to the orphanage.. What happens when she gets adopted by PTV and goes on warped tour...
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  • andybiersack
  • piercetheveil
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