Andy Biersack Is My Father by Blade_Is_A_Freak
Andy Biersack Is My Fatherby Blade_Is_A_Freak
"How would you know you're like what 3 or 4" Andy said I could feel my blood boil at how how much of an idiot he is Jayden Rosemary Miller is someone who has h...
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Andy's Girl ( Andy Biersack Fanfiction) by mysticmartinski
Andy's Girl ( Andy Biersack mystic martinski
I'm done, I hate everybody and everybody seems to hate me, Well my name is Amber Knotts, I'm 19 and I guess I'm different because I like Black Veil Brides, I like dark m...
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Done for you. (An Andy Beirsack Fanfiction)complete by Earthdream_42
Done for you. (An Andy Beirsack Allaboutweird.
An Andy Biersack fan fiction. ************************************ They met in the worst way, but he saved her from the devil inside of men. The best things in life com...
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Yes Daddy «Andley»  by PastelPurdy
Yes Daddy «Andley» by Whore
Dressed up all in leather, I kneel down in front of him. He lifts my skirt at the back, showing my tight, lace thong. I can hear him moaning as he grips hold off my arse...
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wildside! ( tom holland. ) by -yoojungs
wildside! ( tom holland. )by ˗ˏˋdixie ˎˊ˗
rileymuller: andrew garfield was a better spiderman than tom holland ever will be js tomholland2013: i hope your team loses tomorrow js rileymuller:...
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Football One Shots by VamosBarcelona
Football One Shotsby Winchester
One Shots of your favorite football players ⚽ [Requests are closed] 'One Shot series' #1
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Ashley's little sister  by BrendonUrieStalker
Ashley's little sister by Dirt bag ™
Harley Purdy has stayed behind the scene, silently cheering on for her big brother Ashley Purdy as he rocks arenas and lives his dream on stage. Now, instead of screamin...
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Possessive by nottudrugdealer
Possessiveby ᴅ·ʀ·ᴇ·ᴀ·ᴍ·ɪ·ɴ·ɢ
A friend can create a relationship. It all started when Jacob pulled Thomas Blade along to a gay bar, (even though he was 'straight') When he ran into a fashion designer...
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Andy's kid (DISCONTINUED) by BrendonUrieStalker
Andy's kid (DISCONTINUED)by Dirt bag ™
He's only 23. Ever since she's been gone, drinking, an endless search, and a hole in his heart is what he's had to deal with. She's 14. All she's ever known is pain, he...
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instagram | James Rodríguez by ericdier-
instagram | James Rodríguezby π
@jamezrodriguez10 started following you ▶ The story in which Manuel Neuer's sister has a crush on James Rodríguez ◀ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • started: 03/04/2018 finis...
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adopted by andy biersack by g0ldenxx
adopted by andy biersackby i luv merlyn wood
****MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING**** Andy Biersack adopts a 17 year old girl named Darcy. She suffers from mental illness and had a very rough child hood. Will it be too much f...
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~Emo Band Imagines~ by TrashedPhan
~Emo Band Imagines~by #1 pHiL tRaSh
Emo band imagines, bands/ people will include; - My Chemical Romance - Panic! At The Disco - Fall Out Boy - Pierce The Veil - Falling In Reverse - All Time Low - Moti...
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Love from a new father  by Blaksoul67
Love from a new father by Blaksoul67
Amelia(me) a 12 year old gets abused by words and physical pain from her parents she soon gets dumped from her family and is living with a family that despises her also...
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ocean eyes || pulisic by wukasz
ocean eyes || pulisicby nadezhda
three miles or three hundred miles away, christian will always fall for her ocean eyes
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A New Romance by KykyStyless
A New Romanceby KykyStyless
Kaya Wren is just a normal girl from Los Angles California, she works at her local 7/11... One day she decided to work the night shift... Little did she know, that would...
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Black veil brides preference by hgage123
Black veil brides preferenceby Hannah
I think that name says it all, some are mine and some are from the internet. hope you enjoy. i do take requests if you have an idea for anything.
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Liebe auf den dritten Blick ?! by Dia2901
Liebe auf den dritten Blick ?!by Dia2901
Hey mein Name ist Emilia und ich bin Fitnesstrainerin beim BVB. Mein großer Traum ging vor drei Jahren in Erfüllung und ich wurde bei dem tollsten Verein der Welt angest...
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Black Veil Brides Imagines [Discontinued] by H0bisH0pe
Black Veil Brides Imagines [ Lizzy Yawn <3
Discontinued a group of imagines I've come up with. I hope you enjoy I'm sorry if these or similar to other people's I just write what comes to mind.
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Tainted Love [Black Veil Brides] by Dying_Ashes
Tainted Love [Black Veil Brides]by Dying_Ashes
Rose Lane idolises Black Veil Brides, she loves their lyrics and their message. One night at a concert changes her life forever as she finds herself battling not only he...
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Saviour (BVB) [COMPLETED] by heyit_sjay
Saviour (BVB) [COMPLETED]by Jade
Snowflake is Andy Biersack's twin sister, but she was adopted at 1 years old. Now 22 years old, she gets reunited with her brother when their bands go on tour with each...
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