Raven's P.O.V

After a minute or two I felt a rush run through my body and I stood up and collapsed. 


I woke up with everyone by my side. I felt powerful, I knew it would take a few minutes to be at maximum strength. I was going to warn Blade not to come out just yet but that noob cake couldn't just wait a while could she. She erupted from me. She was a cutie, she was my twin sister. 

"Where the food at?" She exclaimed and then she stopped to be confronted by a confused rock band.

"Who the flying fuck are you?" Andy asked her. I stood next to my sister and warned her that they were vampires.

"No shit sis. I have been here the whole time. Jeesh, I can hear you know. Also you and Andy are cute together." She chuckled as her eyes landed on Ashley. She gave him a quick wink. Walked over to him and they hit it off. I was beyond confused. 

"I think it's time I explain a little further." I volunteered while my hands shook.

"Good idea. No more secrets." Andy reckoned. 

A/N: I know it's short but I'm going to formally introduce the girls in the next chapters. <3

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