SUP COOL CATS!!!! The picture is me! I'm Raven's other half. (not like that ew). She's my best friend and sister. I adore that girl, we are here on earth for a bit of
fun. Well at least I was!
Raven wanted to save a kid who was destined to be affected by a volcanic eruption. But that was too boring for me so I took over her mind and took her to a tour bus park. It was a rock venue. My favorite! I was in such a rush that I tripped over. I hit her head, I was really pissed off, but I knew she'd be okay. I then got a mind message from our mother. She told me because of my 'immaturity' and 'misuse of power' we would have both mine and my sisters powers removed temporarily. What a bitch!

Well I suppose you want to know what my powers are/were/will be.

I can manipulate people's dreams.
I can manipulate people's emotions.
I can sense someone's emotion.
I can share consciousness with people.
I can manipulate and create illusions. (you know that thing you call a mirage. I do that just to fuck with your head xD)
I can control people's minds. Hence their actions too.
I can take peoples memories and give them memories. I can control memories basically.
I can switch minds with peoples.
I can induce pain on people using my pretty little head.
I can see into the future.
I am immune to mental attacks.
I have a mental GPS so I never get lost.
I have a photographic memory.
I can make someone feel a certain way.
I can move objects and people and animals with my mind.
I can talk to people using my mind.
I can read peoples minds.
I can sense danger.
I can possess people and objects.
I can manipulate the probability of something happening.

So that's me, I know I don't have as many powers as my sister but together we are the strongest God that has ever existed.

A/N: That was easier to write I guess. Think of all the fun with this fanfiction I could have. If you have anything you want to happen in the story just comment down below. (In my pants area.)

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