Andy's P.O.V

I felt disgusting. It's not like I can even hide it. Considering Raven can read minds it's futile. I might as well go and remove my head from my body. The mortal who I used to love, or at least think I used to love, was putting her clothes back on. Her grin was radiating from her face and was practically lighting up the entire cubical. She might not have been feeling regret but I was, the negative emotion coursed through my veins. I looked down at Juliet, as she was smiling this made me automatically frown. I kept asking myself why I'd done this to my mate. Why had I betrayed the best thing that had ever happened to me? I was a fool. With no reason, nothing was going wrong with our relationship. I have no feelings towards Juliet, but I must do... unless. NO. It was virtually impossible. The moments before we raced into the bathroom I had felt strange. (and no not horny.) Like I wasn't in control of my emotions at all. That's when I realised. She was no longer human and she had used some form of potion.

The frown that lay upon my lips made Juliets facial expression grown confused. Then a look of realisation spread across her face, her eyes burned a black blacker than black. Her mortal smell had gone, she all of a sudden smelt of fire and not the warm and welcoming type. The kind of fire that burned in the pits of hell. The place where Demons lay to 'rest'.

I tried to unlock the cubical but she pounced forwards. She tried to snap my neck in two but I grabbed her hair and swung her over the side of the cubical and heard a crash. We were equally as strong, but she was a hell of a lot faster than me. I fumbled for my phone and dialed Raven's number, but she didn't pick up. Well not as far as I know. Because before I could see if it went to voicemail or not, Juliet was back in the cubical tearing and my face. I felt a crack, pain bounced along every cell in my body before my mind went completely blank. I heard the door shut and seconds later open again. Then it went quiet. Was I dead? IOr was I simply resting?

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