Raven's P.O.V

This was it, I used my telekinesis to bring my father's old powers to me. My mother was rendered unconscious for approximately 2 minutes. That was enough time to use an old enchanting curse on her to remove her immortality... and that's when we would strike. My sister and I killing worthless people together. How it should be.

My sister and I snuffed up the powers like cocaine, we immediately felt the buzz. I had the strangest feeling in my stomach, it was anxiety. Was I sure I wanted to do this? Hells Yeah! I couldn't have been more certain.

"Honey, think about it. I'm your Mother for Heaven’s sake!" My Mother pleaded for mercy, but I was so done with her bullshit. Her prejudice towards the Vamperian Species had gone too far for my liking. "Raven. You're not thinking straight! Give it time, you'll see them for what they really are soon." My Mother growled. How dare she! The humanoids that my sister and I had chosen to spend eternity with. How very dare she question the integrity of my actions. The daft old bat. 

"Oh my dearest Mother. I've had time to think, all that time locked up in that room, whilst mine and my sister's soulmates were worried about us. My decision is final." My voice echoed. Her skin went paler than white.

"That was your Father's idea! She informed. Her heart rate going at 150 bpm.

"I know that bastard was a cheat, but you can't just blame everything on him. You've made your opinions clear. Now I will take a clear shot through your skull." I maintained the determined expression on my face as drew a gun out of my pocket. I pulled the trigger. In my mother's last dying breath she spoke. 'Vermin.' I couldn't have been surer that I had made the right choice. Immortality is never really forever. Your body might be there... but your soul is long gone.

As for my mother her spirit faded away millennia’s ago. She was no longer worthy of her powers. Worthy of her freedom. Worthy of the very ground beneath her feet. Andy wrapped his arm around my shoulders as I set my mother's body on fire with the mere movement of my hand. That's the benefit of being like me. Nothing really takes too much effort. That does not however make my actions less valuable or have less impact.

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