Raven's POV

I walked out the stupid unisex toilets feeling myself turning green. Its what happens when I get pissed. Ever heard the term Green Eyed monster? Yeah it comes from me. I sat by CC who seemed surprised at my appearance. I think its important to note that when me and Blade change appearance unless your immortal like us you wont be able to tell. We will look normal to mortals. I looked to CC and said, "It's what happens when I get pissed. He wont live this down. Ever." CC's eyes widened and he turned to look into his coke. I guess he saw the seriousness in my eyes. I turned to the bartender and ordered an Everclear which as you should know is the strongest alcohol. Ever. 

The bartenders eyebrows shot up but he didn't question it. I suppose he wanted to see how this played out. I downed the drink in one and asked for another, earning a look from the bartender. I told you. High alcohol tolerance. After about my 8th one I started to feel a little foggy around the edges and things were a little blurry so I switched to water. Andy still hadn't come out of the bathroom. Too busy with his toy I suppose.  

"I have to hand it to yah miss, You handled that extremely well. Most people pass out after two. But eight and only slightly tipsy? I fucking respect you." The bartender said as he placed a pint glass of water in front of me. I necked about half before wiping my mouth with my sleeve. "What can I say?" i said. "I handle my units well". 

I smiled before turning to CC. "I wanna go home." I whispered to him. "I don't wanna be here anymore. PIGGYBACK ME!" CC nodded before standing and turning around so i could jump on his back. We then proceeded to walk out the door of the bar after telling Ash, Jake, Jinxx and Blade we were going back to the bus. CC broke the silence after 10 minuets. "What are you going to do about Andy and Juliet?" he asked. I shrugged from where i was on his back.

"We'll have to see wont we" I said, My eyes flashing red.

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