Raven's POV.

I glared daggers at my mother from where I sat across from her at the table. I knew she had sensed my looks as she rolled her eyes every few minutes. Stupid bitch. She forgets WE CAN READ MINDS! I knew exactly what she was planning to do and I plan on stopping her. I'd never done this before but it was worth a shot. I'd do anything to save Andy and Ashley. Anything. 

I silently grabbed Andy's hand underneath and using my sexy ass mind skills told him to grab Blade's. I knew Blade understood as she grabbed Ashley's too. Closing our eyes, both Blade and I recited an old Latin charm that put anyone in the room that wasn't linked hands, into a deep sleep until we decided to awaken them.

(A.N. My Latin is rusty. This may not be one hundred present correct)

Obsido in me in virtute
Iubeo ad soporem
Ne offeratis ad mala mundi huius
Et pax erit in omnibus nobis

I felt my eyes flash bright pink (A.N. sexy) as my mother fell, rather clumsily, into her plate of food. I looked around me, my eyes still bright pink, Blade's still an intense purple. And laughed at Ash and Andy's confused faces.

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