Blade's P.O.V

"But Mother please? Father please make her see sense." I reasoned with my parents, with my sister Raven at my side. "If our powers are combined then that will mean we're safe from all harm." I protested further. I was beginning to realise that this was all pointless. I was still not sure why.

"I know what this is about." My sister hissed narrowing her eyes at my parents. They didn't look phased, but as for me I was intrigued. "You don't want us to have more control together than you." She seethed, I gasped in realisation. She was right, her and I were worth one of our parents, our powers split in two you see and if we were to combine and share powers we could kill them. But we would never do that. Would we? I was busy reading my mother's mind and it was all true. I didn't know what to do, my hands shook from fear as my parents faces lost all their colour. I was so scared and then time stopped and I felt my heart skip 4 trillion beats. Was it gone? I felt a pain surge through my body and I saw the same happen to my sister. We were done for.


I woke up, no I didn't. I can't sleep can I? Our species called it recharging. This is necessary after exceptional damage to the heart or brain. My sister looked at me and the corners of her mouth turned down all of a sudden. I tried to read her mind and it didn't work. SHIT! Were we normal? Humans?

The room was white and there were no doors or windows. All I could see was a bluish light on the ceiling. It flickered roughly every 5 seconds. I'd be either extremely stupid or extremely smart to assume that this meant anything. Regardless there was nothing and I had a hunch that it was going to remain like this for a while.

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