Raven and Blade's Mothers' P.O.V

"What now!" I Boomed at Sirius. "Their powers are gone, we've locked them up. We can't keep them there forever." I added.

"And why the bloody hell not Agatha? Those troublesome kids have done it this time. I'm sick of them wanting to be better than us!" He fretted, with a grave look on his face. This was too much. These were our kids. People we were supposed to love and protect. How dare he compromise this, and just over them wanting to change. I too disagreed with the girl's wishes, but I will not change their quality of life. 
My husband’s stare grew longer and I felt my power’s being taken away. This takes the goddamn biscuit. I had stronger mind tricks than this man. I used a mental and physical force field to stop anything from happening. I saw him run to the door and I locked the door. I was charging up to control his conciseness.
I was at full charge and I struck. I was in his mind. I never did this as when we married we told each other we would not use our powers on each other, but this time I feel it couldn't be avoided.
I saw everything, Sirius’s body lay limp in the corner. I saw into his memories, girls after girls. How many of these mortals had he shagged?! I was beyond disgusted. How dare he do this to me! We had been together since the dawn of time. I went over to his body and drained his powers. I put them in a flask, they glowed a red and black mist. I took his body and released it into the human world.
I had been watching my daughter’s activities and I didn’t approve of them fraternizing with vampires, but I guess it’s better than humans. God knows why they hang out on Earth so much. There’s Rochatlantic, Isengravite, Loseenluch and plenty of other great planets filled with magic and powers. Yes Vampires were strong, but they needed unreliable resources to live which was a pity.
I had no idea of what was going to come of Sirius, but quite frankly I don't give a shit! Do pardon my language! I do not usually use terms such as these. I must remove those Vamps from my daughter’s lives. To do so shouldn't be difficult.
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