Agatha's P.O.V

I decided to let the girls out and return their powers. On one condition, that is that they are no longer allowed to communicate with Vampires. I won't allow it. "You're getting married to one of the Elder Wizards. These Vampires are just no good for you." I lectured. 

"Mother, I don't know how to tell you this, but I just can't do that." My favorite Daughter Raven confessed. "I love Andy and Blade loves Ashley. It's just that simple. I say this regrettably, but you can't do shit about it." She winced, I felt so much anger towards these vermin. I couldn't stand the sight of them. The looks on their faces made me feel nauseous.

"At least meet them and give them a chance. I promise you'll like them." She breathed. I could have sworn she was holding her breath in anticipation of my reply.

"Fine, but if they put one foot out of line then they're finished." I could feel Blade reading my mind. This was after my thoughts were dragged to the subject of my cheating husbands powers. There is a small chance that Blade knows that I have them.


"Hello your Majesty. I'm Andrew, it's so great to be acquainted with you." The boy greeted me with a bow and I cringed. His voice was low and husky and alluring. No wonder my stupid children had fallen for Vampires such as these. "Hello dear. Please do take a seat." I chimed flashing him a white toothed smile. "Who might you be?" I gestured towards a tattooed man who had his hand on Blade's shoulder.

"I'm Ashley, ma'am." His voice was slightly less low but he seemed very relaxed. I saw beads of sweat forming on Andy's forehead that he wiped his hands at furiously. 

"I assume you are with Blade then." I said nonchalantly, with slight venom. Not too much, but enough to make him feel uncomfortable. 

"Yes I am." He replied with a toothy grin. Nothing could shake this boy up. This was going to be changed mark my words. We all got seated at the large oak dining table. I clicked my fingers and food appeared on the table, along with the candles suspended in the air coming alight. The conversation naturally died down after a few minutes until the unshakeable man Ashley piped up.

"Where is your husband?" His inquiring voice and puzzled face slowly turned to a face filled with regret. Finally I had unnerved him! Although I still had to answer, so I did. "He's where he belongs." I said with an evil smile that sent shivers down everyone's spines.

I had decided I hated these tattooed, alcoholic and blood drinking humanoids. They were sentenced to death.

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