Hi it's Raven here. I used to be a God years ago but I was kicked out. Not out of heaven but I was kicked out of the God Realm. My condition had never been sympathised with. I had spilt personality disorder. I had another personality and her name was Blade. She was a troublemaker and would make me do the wildest of things. These things often lead to mistakes. I will introduce you to the external me then the internal later.

My name is Raven and I have no last name. My people (of which there were 5) did not see the point in this. We were all Gods with one leader who killed themselves with a potent poison which was powerful enough to destroy an entire galaxy. This is the only known way to kill our kind. My mother and father became overprotective of me so I fled from our realm. Before I left they threw a spell after me. It split me in two. The funny thing about this is my sister can reside inside me and pop out. She can pop out by herself if I let her, but i'm so strong that if I didn't want her to come out I could just stop her. 

I'm 20 years old, I have black naturally loose curled hair. My eyes are bright green. I am beautiful because this is how I was made. All five of us were aesthetically pleasing. Now I will tell you about my physical super abilities. There are many.

Accuracy (good aim)
Control of wind.
I can bring inanimate objects to life.
control over the weather.
I can absorb others attacks and reflect it back on to them.
I can adapt to my surroundings.
Good agility (parkour is easy)
I can use anti-gravity. (on myself or others.)
I can manipulate sound waves.
I can banish people to other places.
I can slow down time.
I can control DNA (shape-shift)
Resistance against the cold.
I can travel over dimensions and Galaxies. (how I escaped the God Realm).
I can speed up time.
Skillfulness in hands and body.
Resistance to injury.
I can walk through objects. (and walls like a ghost)
I can duplicate things.(I get two candy bars instead of one)
I can control and conduct electricity to my command.
Enhanced senses (like hearing, sight, smell and touch)
I have a photographic memory.
I can change potential energy into kinetic energy.
Fire resistance.
I can use force fields.
I can fly or lift off the ground.
I can heal myself and others.
I can control water.
I'm immortal.
I can understand complex graphs and other things straight away without being taught anything about them.
I can become invisible and make people and objects invisible.
I can do a super jump.
I have high intelligence. 
I can levitate myself and things around me.
I can slow down or stop aging. (in myself and other people)
I have the power of magic.
Create magnetism.
I can melt things.
I can make things combust.
I have resistance to other people's magic.
I can speak any language. 
I am omnipotent.
I can teleport.
I can control light.
I can create portals.
I can mimic other people's powers. (even though I already have them most likely)
I can make my thoughts become reality.
I can copy any martial arts move after seeing it.
Make other people's powers weak.
I can control fire.
I can control radiation.
I can warp reality.
Regeneration (of myself and others).
Enhanced reflexes.
I can resurrect people. 
I can cause earthquakes.
Change size of objects. ;) 
Enhanced Stamina.
Summon people humans and beasts.
Don't need to sleep, eat or drink to stay alive.
Shape Shifting.
Enhanced Spacial Awareness.
Enhanced Stealth.
Substance Creation.
Time Travel.
Control of Toxic Waste.
I can breath under water.
I can see all elements.
I can see peoples names and species above their heads.
I can see very smalls things.
x-ray visions.
see infrared.
I can climb walls.
I can grant peoples wishes.

I know that must have been a lot to take on board but I'm alot to take on board, so you'll have to just deal with it. My sister will be introduced next time. 

A/N: Shit my brain hurts.

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