Andy's P.O.V

We had been living on the bus together for a couple of weeks. I got bored. The same show. The same outfits and make up. I decided to take a break as did the rest of the band. I had come up with an idea.

"Raven is there any chance we could use your time travel to have a bit of fun? I asked wiggling my eyebrows. She smiled and replied back.

"What do you propose?" I had the feeling she would say yes.

"That we travel through time to all of the famously historic time periods and experience them first hand. What do you say?" Her eyes lit up it was decided we were going to the Ancient Egyptians. The band cheered and Blade came out of Raven and went over to Ashley to sit next to him. Raven commented " You're so obvious Blade." Blade replied to her instantly. "Well someone has to be." Raven looked hurt for a second and caught eyes with me momentarily before looking back down again.

It was obvious that I had a crush on Raven. Everything about her was amazing. She was also immortal, so I didn't feel as guilty as I did with Juliet. I went up to her and gave her a hug. She hugged back much tighter than me and I whispered "Can't breath." She laughed at my response. We all decided to dress the part for going to the Ancient Egyptians. We were dressed in actor clothes. We had decided to be entertainment. It was what we did now so I guess we could do it then. (A/N:then as in back then i'm not just really shitty at tenses... okay i am shit at tenses but lets not get into that.) 

I think that Raven liked me back. I looked over at Ash and Blade sucking each others faces. It was cute in a horrifying way I suppose. I got up to feed along with Jinxx and Jake. Ashley decided he would pass and do that tomorrow. Providing he remove is face from Blade's face.

A/N: Oh shit is gonna happen and it's going to be rad and you're gonna be like 'whuttt???' but ly bye <3

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