Andy's P.O.V

How the? What the? Is she? NO. I had to talk to the guys about this. I ruffled my hair stood up and headed straight to the kitchen. "Guys, she knows we're vampires." I told them slowly. A look of shock and bewilderment was on everyone's face. Then the accusations came. 
"Did you tell her man?" CC accused. His blood boiling.
"No no no, I gave her a hug and she felt how strong I was. I guess she put the pieces together. I'm just so confused!" I admitted to the guys. How could a human know so much from just one hug.
"We need her to explain herself." Jinxx added. He was right but she could be dangerous.
"She's not dangerous. We could kill her if we wanted. But i'm assuming Andy wouldn't like that." Ashley was right I wouldn't like that. We all heard Raven's cute giggle from the other room. I don't think she's telling us the truth about her! I felt betrayed, but I didn't tell her the truth either. Ashley went on to say that no one would believe her if she told people we were vampires. Jake suggested we keep her here for now. For an investigation. 

We all walked out of the kitchen and looked at Raven. She looked relaxed, lay back on the sofa with her feet up. She gave me a sarcastic grin, I didn't know how to respond. There has to be something else. Any human in her position would be shitting themselves. Or maybe she's good at hiding her emotions. I then realized I had been thinking to myself for a long time and Raven cleared her throat. 

"Earth to vampires!" She teased in a joking manner. Ashley chuckled. 
"Hello sweetheart." Ashley purred. He sat down next to Raven and put his arm around her shoulders. She looked completely relaxed and smiled at his action. I all of a sudden felt jealous. "Now Raven, how is it that you know what vampires are?" Ashley asked sensitively. Raven looked down and back up again.

"My best friend was a vampire. Then she left." Raven wept, tears starting to well up in her eyes. "All of your eyes flickered red when I first met you. Andy could hear Blade and he was very strong. He might as well have shouted his species into a megaphone in the middle of times square." She laughed it off, but it left just one question in my mind. Who the fiddle sticks was Blade?

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