Andy's P.O.V

We got back from time travel a week ago and I can't help but notice how close me and Raven are. Blade is no longer permanently inside Raven so they're more of their own person. I know I'm in love with Raven, you might think that because of her and Blade being twins I might love both. But Ravens personality is so strong, funny and confident. Don't get me wrong her sister's awesome, but she's just, so. Amazing.

The guys were all out on dates with their girlfriends and me and Raven sat alone in her living room. We were watching a movie, it was called Exodus gods and kings. It had Christian Bale in it, it was about the Egyptians and the Jews. We both chuckled at the coincidence. The movie ended and we were both hungry. We both still ate human food as it just tasted nice and we both didn't gain weight easily so we went to go and make cookies.

We got all the ingredients out and tried to make completely black cookies. We decided that to do this we would make chocolate cookies and put black food colouring into it. I of course went over board and added half of the bottle. This wasn't unlike me I tended to be quite childish most of the time. Raven rolled her eyes and I felt myself begin to feel weak, my knees gave in and I went to the floor hitting my head on the way. It hurt like a bitch. 

When I woke up I felt my teeth in someone's neck. I instinctively began to suck. I felt my strength coming back. I pushed the person onto their back. It took me a while to figure out that it was Raven. I took my teeth away from her neck and it healed instantly. She giggled and kissed me. I saw her blood on her lips from mine. I kissed her back, we were in a heap on the floor making out when I went back to her neck. I'd never tried biting directly into someone's 'sweet spot' on their neck. So I began to start to find it. After about 4 goes I found it and sunk my teeth into her neck. She moaned and started to comb her hands through my hair. I lightly sucked as I didn't really need anymore blood. I knew she had an endless supply and Ashley had mentioned that he did the same with Blade if he couldn't be bothered hunting.

I really am in love with Raven and think she is too.

A/N: two lovely people helped me come up with the idea. MagicFlyingFireLizard and my friend Jane who didn't particularly want to be linked which is fine. But have a lovely day :D

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