Raven’s P.O.V
We all held hands in a circle, held out breaths and then I felt the familiar tingling sensation in my fingertips. I heard everyone gasp around me. We were in an ancient palace, it was 51 BC Cleopatra was ruling all of Egypt. She was married to Julius Caesar. I can see why. We were their advisors. The guys fitted in nicely with their eyeliner. This wasn't new to me. I had been alive at this time. I’ve watched these people. They seem nice but they’re really massive arseholes. They have been enslaving these Hebrew people for years. It’s time to put a change to that.
The Arch watcher gave me a strange look as I headed down the court way. He was about to holler his assistants but I put a spell on him to shut his mouth. My sister within me knocked him unconscious. I used telekinesis to throw him off the balcony into the Nile. All was going perfectly to plan. I walked past the guards as I turned myself invisible. I was behind the guard nearest her ‘highness’ and I grabbed his sword from his belt. I didn’t want to leave a trace, I don’t want this to be in the history books. I became visible again and I struck. I raised my arms and plunged the sword deep into the bitch’s neck. She coughed and spluttered, before promptly collapsing onto the ground. My work here was complete. The guards rushed around me but I teleported back to the other side of the palace and summoned the band.
“We're freeing the slaves.” I insisted matter of factly. They looked at me in shock.
“How are we going to do that?” I could answer this in 3 sentences.
“Go out there and spread the word around to the slaves. Gather them up and put a force field around them. Then walk through the path of the Nile.” They didn't think it would work. But I didn't care I was going to do what I had to do. These people did not deserve to be slaves, I was going to put a stop to all of it.
Before any of the guards could find us I ushered the guys out of the palace through the main entrance. We walked through and Blade used her ability to talk to people’s minds to spread the message to meet just inside the city borders at midnight. She had to use persuasion on a few people but most were excited. She instructed them to gather their belongings and bring food and water. It was nearly time to leave. We had a lot of work to do. You may also be thinking ‘why aren't you using your powers to do it an easier way.’ Like I said I don’t want to expose myself. I’m going to be doing this is the most risk free way possible. Straight THROUGH the Nile.
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