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Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) ✔️ (editing) by LexusRat
Reprobate Romance (Andy Biersack) Mouse
Alexis (Lexus) Ratliff is an aspiring musician, and close friends with the five men of Black Veil Brides, her closest relation being to their singer, Andy. They decide t...
Army Girl by MackieLee26
Army Girlby Mack
When a young girl's parents neglect her so much she decides to take her life into her own hands. When Acadia Hunter is left basically alone she gets sick of her parents...
Taken In. by BiersackWithACrown
Taken AbbyBrielle
Callie Johnson is a twelve year old girl who ran away from home about a month ago. Her parents were drug addicts and drunks, they would take turns beating her. She still...
Pickup ˚ ✞ . Andy Biersack by SEX-DRIVE
Pickup ˚ ✞ . Andy Biersackby ay! it’s leechy
"I picked her up at a gas station, Now I'm in love with her." - - #1 in following tags: Andy Biersack Andy black Andy sixx Bvb Bvbfanfic Black veil brides
That time I met you Andy by RebelRoyaleX
That time I met you Andyby Rebel
After a really harsh breakup, Andy hasn't been himself most of the time. Raven, a mute girl comes into the guys lives. Can she change Andy, or will she be pushed away wi...
My Savior (BVB Fanfic) by xxAwkwardness17xx
My Savior (BVB Fanfic)by Hello I'm Awkward
Jennifer goes to warp tour with her boyfriend and some of their friends. Jennifer and her boyfriend end up fighting; he ends up hitting her. Someone comes to rescue. Wel...
My Batman (Andy Biersack Fanfic) by Heather1512
My Batman (Andy Biersack Fanfic)by Heather
This fanfic is hella dramatic, just a warning. Much feels. Much bants (now THATS what I call Brittish!). Much references. I do actually speak proper English, Im just usi...
King // Adopted by Andy Biersack {ON HOLD} by EmilyWxlliams
King // Adopted by Andy Biersack { Emily Williams
16 year old Chloe Jackson grew up neglected and forgotten. She moved at the age of 5 to an orphanage and tried to live out the 'perfect life', which was highly Impossib...
Beautiful Remains- Andy Biersack Fanfic{LONG CHAPTERS} by Andys_Stolen_Omen
Beautiful Remains- Andy Biersack Geneieve🖤
Cassie and Andy were childhood friends that were always together, that was until Junior year of High School when Cassie and Andy got into a big fight. Cassie dropped out...
Daddy's Little Surprise by sweeti_hannah
Daddy's Little Surpriseby Hannah Tucker
"Who was that little girl?" Jinxx asked Andy. "My daughter." Andy replied happily. It was an accident that night on the tour bus, one thing led to an...
A Forbidden Affair ( Andy Biersack x Reader ) by epicnicegal
A Forbidden Affair ( Andy Cock Time
Working as an engaged prison guard, you become confused when one of the inmates catches your eye. Between your engagement, your job, and this newfound romance - Your sen...
his fallen angel (remake!)|| andy biersack by Ryo1234
his fallen angel (remake!)|| r🌻
sadie houston was a music writer and no doubt had extreme talent. she's written countless amounts of songs, but all stopped when she got her heart shattered and she stop...
The Mystic's Gift [Completed] by TinaLuvsPurdy
The Mystic's Gift [Completed]by Christina
Chantelle was born with an inherited eye disease which caused her to be legally blind and isolate her from the world. But that will all change for her once her mom's old...
Done for you. (An Andy Beirsack Fanfiction)complete by Earthdream_42
Done for you. (An Andy Beirsack Allaboutweird.
An Andy Biersack fan fiction. ************************************ They met in the worst way, but he saved her from the devil inside of men. The best things in life com...
sing your song, Comagirl (finished) by sillycoconut
sing your song, Comagirl (finished)by SixSixSilly
Cecilie is a regular 18 year old girl. She is completely obsessed with black veil brides. She looks quite normal though - she blends in well, but inside that is not who...
Wretched and Divine-An Andy Biersack FanFic by DanHowellzgurl
Wretched and Divine-An Andy ShadowFighter
Walking in the rain can really calm your nerves.
Kellin Quinn.. My step dad by xoRMG44xo
Kellin Quinn.. My step dadby RMG
Hello, my name is Scarlett Gomez. I'm the daughter of Kellin Quinn, well not really he's my step dad. But he treats me like his birth daughter. Things get pretty crazy o...
Adopted by Ashley Purdy (Complete) by Writer_At_Work
Adopted by Ashley Purdy (Complete)by What Zit Tooya
15 year old Iris has been in the orphanage for a year now. Her life is actual shit. One day, she was forced to go to the adoption room. What happened that changed her li...
Andy biersack xMale! reader imagines by gay_AF_satan
Andy biersack xMale! reader gay_AF_satan
A bunch of imagines about Andy xMALE! Reader. Vote, comment, request. Peace!
Forgotten (Ashely Purdy Sister) by biersacked
Forgotten (Ashely Purdy Sister)by K O A L A
Samantha Purdy was separated from her older brother, Ashley Purdy, when their parents died and was put into the foster system. Over 20 years after the separation Samanth...