Raven's P.O.V

I explained to everyone, while my sister chipped in every so often. Blade suggested we all go hunting, I was fine with this as I know what happens to humans when they die. They go to another galaxy as the same human. No memory of what happened prior to their death. They have happy or sad lives. This is depending on how they make it. So I have no problem with killing them. It's part of my duty if anything. 


"Hey guys keep up!" I shouted behind by shoulders as the guys lagged behind. As we approached a city I shape shifted into a vampire. My skin was alittle paler, my eyes were red and my fangs protruded in between my lips. I gave the guys a toothy grin as I set out into some of the back alleys. This is the best place to hunt, no one suspects a thing. My sister can erase people's memories if it comes to it. But for now she was singing the friends theme tune in my head making me giggle once more. CC looked over at me and showed concern as I turned around and saw a man pinning a girl against the alley walls. I strode over to the situation and coughed.

"Wow two pretty ladies... even better." The man slurred while the girl struggled.

"Shut up sicko!" I asked Blade to induce pain onto the man's sensory lobe. He was now having trouble speaking seeing and standing. I leant over his slowly dying form and sunk my sharp teeth into his jugula. I sucked all of the mans blood and then snapped his neck for good measure. 

"Nice short stuff." CC complimented/insulted. I couldn't tell which so I flipped him off. Around my finger was the words 'fuck you' Whenever I make a hand gesture the phrase or word is around my hand. This is a neat trick I got after passing my wizardry course. All of the guys chuckled and we all walked back to the bus. 

On the way back me and Andy started talking about life. He explained to me that he felt suicidal. I commented saying that was ironic due to his immortalness. He chuckled. I didn't know what to say to make his life mean something. I don't think I can.

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