Raven's P.O.V 

It had been 10 days of walking, we had plenty of food and water thanks to being able to generate substance, but trust me. If I could teleport them all without them knowing I was. I would. It's just too risky.

"You know, these people need to rest, it's been 2 days since we've stopped." CC stressed to me. I rolled my eyes hearing Blade tell me that the army were 2 days behind us and that we were one day away from the red sea.

"I just can't let that happen, I'm sorry CC" I sighed. I know it was tough but I can't heal everyone's tiredness at once. That would waste time and they would all start asking questions. This whole thing was dangerous enough. Freeing the slaves. My name is most definitely not Moses. We trudged through the sloppy sand under the blazing Egyptian sunlight for yet another day until I saw a shimmer upon the horizon. I thought at first that it was a mirage but as we got closer it became clear to us all that it was infact the red sea. Blade told me that it was 5 miles away. The hebrew people behind me started to celebrate but I told them to calm down. The Egyptians were close. They were riding on horse and carriage at speeds faster than we could create. This was going to work, by the skin of the teeth.

I could see at the top of the closest mountain the Army were waiting. I calculated they would make five miles seem like 2 miles. We began to run, everyone, man, child, woman. We ran, until the Egyptians seemed to be on our tail. We reached the shore of the Red Sea. I don't know if you've read the old testament but I have. They talk about Moses parting the Red Sea. What if this hadn't been help from god, what if it had been help from little old me?

I walked up the the water and traced my finger tips into the warm water. It rippled at my touch. I plunged my hand into the water and parted the water. I was ripping the particles apart. I screamed for them to run through. They did, they looked astonished, but regardless they ran. This took 2 hours. I could see the last of the Jews running until I began to see the Egyptians. I created a force field around them. The waves crashed down onto me. The water had hit me with such force but I swam, I could breathe underwater. You know, little miss 'can do everything'. I emerged from the waves as the sea began to get shallower. I saw the fearful eyes of the band but they engulfed me into a hug. This was done. Over with. I lead the people to a near by camp. We stayed for 2 days to help them build huts and create wells. I 'made' a few animals for milk and eggs. I told the people not to eat the animals. Animals did not have an afterlife like humans. Egg has protein and milk can be made into cheese which has protein. My mother and father were the most powerful people in the world. Not once did they consume an animal. The food chain was created by humans. Not Gods. 

A/N: Thanks for reading. If you're religious, then I am in no way saying that the events in the bible did or did not happen. This is merely fiction. Have a nice day. <3 

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