Sherley Ivanstein

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Aris' POV

Since Hayley and I weren't tired because we dozed off -well Hayley slept a little longer but..yeah- on the way from the mall we decided to go downstairs.

We saw everyone in the living room except for Zayn and Perrie. Niall came a few minutes later.

They probably went to bed. I just hope they aren't making any munchkins right now.

"Hey guys," I said and flopped onto the couch next to Liam even though there was a free seat next to Harry but I didn't want to turn red at the moment...or ever.

Hayley came and sat on the floor even though there was plenty of space on the couches.

"Um Hayley?" Liam asked.

"Yeah bruh,"

"You know there's plenty of space on the couch right?"

"Yeah I know,"

"Then why are you seating on the floor?"

".....It was calling me Liam...the floor was calling me...." she said creepily with a serious face and voice as she sat cross-legged on the floor. Everyone gave her a weird glance except for me since I'm used to this sort of thing.

"Sooo what should we do? I'm not tired anymore strangely," Harry said.

"I'm hungry," Hayley and Niall said at the same time.

"Okay do you guys share the same brain or something?" I asked in utter confusion.

Hayley and Niall just grinned at eachother.

Um okay then.

"Wait...Niall? Where's Tabitha?" Hayley asked.

"I took her to Iceland, I told her she won't be safe there but she insisted,"

"Don't blame her Niall, she made her choice," Hayley said.

"I'm guessing Iceland is the freezer isn't it?" Louis said chuckling.

"Oh shuddup!" Hayley said as she and Niall pouted because their child went to I thought Hayley was the only one with issues.

"Actually I'm hungry as well," Harry said.

"How about I order some pizza?" Liam asked.


"Please do,"

"Go do that right now peasant! Or Margaret will try to digest herself,"

"I want pepperoni!"

"Please get me plain cheese!"


So Liam got up to make the phone call, we all started chatting about random shit until Niall decided to get deep.

"You know, I'm really glad I bumped into you Hayley, if I didn't we wouldn't have met you or Ariel," he said giving us a warm smile.

"Awww Niall!" Hayley and I said then attacked him with hugs and kisses all over his face.

"Ew cooties! Gerroff!" He yelled jokingly pushing us away gently then all of a sudden Lou just had to scream "GROUP HUG!"

Immediately after that Lou and Harry rushed to us. Niall, Hayley and I looked at eachother for a second in fear before screaming "NOO-" but that was cut off since they both jumped on top off us...Lou said group hug not squash us to death.

I think Hayley is suffering more since she is at the bottom and there are 4 people on top of her including myself...

Hayleys' POV

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