Pasta La Vista Bichachos

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Ari's POV

I woke up early to make breakfast for the gang because it's the least I could do since they let us spend the night.



As I closed the fridge door after removing the sliced bread for toast I heard footsteps coming down.

"Morning," I heard GOD say.

Okay that was too much.

"Good morning Haz, I hope you don't mind me asking why you're up, already dressed and looking like your about to go out?" I asked as calmly as possible trying not to melt by just looking at his face. His gorgeous face.

"Well I have to go to Carmano's to just make sure that my reservation is still there," he said. I gave him a quizzical look so he explained.

"I'm going on a dou-well it's a tripledate now that Perrie and Zayn are coming and I'm excited because

Lou is coming," my heart sunk a little.

"Why are you excited that Lou's coming?"

"Because he never goes on doubledates, he said he finds them a bit awkward. But I don't see it though," he told me smiling the whole time.

"Okay so Lou and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, you and..."


Oh yeah. Th lovely Jessica Burns. I remember that magazine
'Famous model Jessica Burns caught the eye of our no longer single heart - breaker Harry Styles. The new cupple were found outside of Starbucks holding hands and a sweet picture of Harry giving her a kiss on the cheek was taken by our new photographer Jon-.'

Then at the bottom there was a picture of Harry giving a girl a kiss who was no doubt Jessica.

Ugh her name makes me wanna vomit.

"Oh yeah, Jessica...Burns right?"


"Okay well you look like you're in a hurry so don't let me keep you waiting,"

"Oh I'm not in a hurry, in fact I came down here to make breakfast but looks like you already beat me to it," he said smiling.

I tried to smile...I really did...but I couldn't. My heart felt like...what was that part in Hayley's words after hearing about Magcon whatever breaking up again? Oh yeah flushed down the toilet. My heart felt like it was being flushed down a toilet and the toilet was not a pretty looking one either.

"Hey what's wrong?" Harry said probably seeing my distraught face.
Oh well the usual, I realise that you have a girlfriend who is a freaking model and I loved you for so long but I know you'll never love me back. Everything's good though.

"Uhh I-I-I don't understand your toaster? Yeah." This lie. This lie saved my ass. It saved my fucking ass.

"Oh okay let me show you how it works,"

And that ladies and gentlemen was the day that I Ariel Montgomery, recieved a lecture about toasters from the Harry Styles.

After finally understanding how to use the toaster I made MANY grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone whilst Harry watched my every move like a hawk but I was comfortable with it somehow.

An hour later everyone came downstairs. Everyone was in their pyjamas except for Harry.

When everyone was settling down in the kitchen and Harry already left I was about to go upstairs to take a shower when I saw someone under the table...wait...under the table?

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