Boredom, Prank Calls and Omegle

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Hayley's POV

"I think a goth is a human oreo, I think that they dress in black to show their love and passion for oreos don't you think Liamallama?" I asked Liam.

He just gave me a 'dafuq' face.

"Okay guys Zee and I have to go home now before it gets too late and we don't wanna be burdens to you any longer," Ari said with a sad smile.

"B-but what about the boys don't you wanna say bye to them?" Niall questioned also with a sad face.

"There's always a next time Niall and besides you all have grown on us so I don't think that this is the last time you'll be seeing Ariel Montgomery and Hayley Ivaldi," I said with a cheeky grin on my face.

"Okay then...I guess that this is goodbye...for now," Liam said with a sad expression as we all got off the couch ready for our departure.

We all walked to the door, i opened it and then we started our real goodbyes.

Ari went first, "I'll miss you guys so much," she said and went to hug them both at the same time and they returned the gesture.

"We'll miss you too Ari," they both said after they released from each others embrace.

Then it was my turn.

"Hey dudes try not to miss me too much while I'm gone yeah?" I said softly (still can't wrap my head around that 'softly' thing...oh well) as I gave them both tight hugs and a kiss on the cheek each -which caused Niall to turn into a firetruck- because they're fergalicious zebras duh. I then proceeded to give them our numbers.


We all turned and saw a cab that Ari called whilst I was saying goodbye to Niall and Liam and giving them our (Ari and I) numbers...that was too quick... how on earth did the driver get here so fast

Without wasting time Ari and I got in the back. I closed the door then we looked out the window as the car started to drive off but me being me I just had to yell something stupid,

"ADIOS MUCHACHOS!" I yelled but that made their sad frowns turn to sad smiles as we sped off farther...and farther...and farther until the house was no longer in view.

"I'll miss them so much though I wish we could've said by to the other boys and Perrie as well," I said not feeling like my usual giddy self.

"Yeah but atleast you gave them our numbers and Niall gave you his number when we were at the mall right?"

"Oh yeah,"

Then we were silent until we went to our house because neither of us felt like talking.

5 minutes and 7.23 seconds later>

When we arrived home I paid the driver and we got in the house. Damn that was a quick and awkward ride home...

I immediately went straight to the kitchen while Ari went to her room.

I find Ari's room really gross because it's filled with pink but thank god for the little amount of orange in her room.

I'm known as a tomboy most of the time so Ari was really surprised when she saw me wearing a yellow dress. I don't blame her though it was the only thing I had at that time. Plus the dress is cute, that I'll admit.

I opened my secret drawer and secretly took out a bag of Sour Patch Kids because I'm being obsessed with the stuff.

I crawled to the living-room and sat on the coffee table cross-legged munching ma food.

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