Dayna Please...

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Dayna's POV

"What I learned today? Never let Hayley feel bored," I stated.

"Preach girl preach," Ari said,

"Hey it's not my fault! I seriously couldn't help it," the devil said.

"Well right now Niall is probably super mad at you because I saw one of the llamas literally chow down on his undies and they looked worn out so I'm guessing that they were either his favourite pair...or they're really old," I concluded. Damn I can imagine this scene right a soap opera...
"Niall...we have bad news...terribly bad news..." Liam says.
"W-what happened?" Niall asks looking slighly scared.
"Well um...I don't know how to say this but...err Niall um-"
"Your underwear got devoured by a llama," Louis state bluntly interrupting Harry from his speech.
"No...this cannot be..." Niall whispered, looking down and turning his back to his four best mates.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" He dramatizes sinking to his knees and thinking of how awful the death of his underwear must have been.

Wow...Hayley influences me a lot... too much in fact.

When we get back home we all go to the living room to quarrel about who looks more hot.

Gerard Way or Brendon Urie.

To be honest I don't even know any of the two so I'm sticking with Cameron Dallas and Taylor Lautner...

We decide to have a movie night.


"So Dayna, how's your mum and dad?" Ari asks during the middle of our movie (we were watching Pirates of the Carribean)

Hayley turns away from the movie as well and faces me.

I tense up a little.

"Does he know?" Hayley asks hesitantly.

"Yup. Not much has changed since we got separated Haylez," I say.

"Wait...I don't understand, who does what? But...Daynz if this is something really private then you don't have to tell me" said Ari using her new nick name for me.

"Oh it's okay, I'll just tell you," I state.

" dad was usually never literally never home. He used to come home just to check on me and the house to see if it's in order then he'll go out again. Sometimes he comes home drunk as fuck."

"Did he ever hit you?" Ari asks.

"No! God no! He may be my father but I ain't gonna let someone lay a finger on me. If he does...then there'll be consequences..."

"Still made of steel I see," Hayley says.

"You know it," I reply with a joking wink.

"Hey Dayna, Ari...I was just wondering'll probably say no..." Hayley says.

"What is it Zee?" Ari asks.

"Yeah what's up?" I ask.

"Okay well this depends on the both of you but...could Dayna live here? Pleaseeeee Ari! Pleaseee Dayna? You're probably always bored out of your mind when your at home since no one is there!"

"Umm I don't know..." I say reluctantly.

"Hey, that's actually a good idea, this house is boring sometimes when Hayley isn't doing something stupid and we do have a lot and I mean a lot of room."

"Um I still don't know..."

"WHAT DO YA HAVE TO LOSE!? WE ARE NOT GOING TO BURN YOU AND SACRIFICE YOU TO A FISH NOW ARE WE ARI!? Please just say yes. Well...if your dad says no then you probably don't have a choice..."

"C'mon Dayna pleaseee! You know we had lots of fun here on the sleepover...which is still going on..." Ari says.




"C'mon Dayna ple-"

"Okay fine I guess I could stay..."


"Hayley...she said yes,"

"-I'll even recite my many reasons why you should stay. You wanna know? Okay here we go. One. Because we love you.-"


"-Two. Because you love us. Three.-"


Because you've got nothing to loose.-"


"Four. Because YOLO. Five. Because-"

"HAYLEY SHE SAID YES! So shuddup will you!"

"-six. Because monkeys do-...wait really? YASSS!"

"Shut up!" Ari yelled.

Hayley narrowed her eyes at Ari until they were thin slits then said "ruuuuuude,"

"Rude?" I question.

Then Hayley and I looked at each other then simultaneously started to scream/sing,


"...ugh it's like having another Hayley in the house...why am I friends with these people?" Ari muttered.

I memtally stick my tonue out at her.

I guess I live here now...but I gotta get my stuff first and also tell my dad...he probably won't care.
Sorry this chapter was so short! I'll try to make the next one longer. I'M ALSO SOOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING FOR SOOO LONG BUT MY WI-FI WAS DOWN -I know I literally almost died- and I had major writer's block :( but I promise to be more active! Please don't stahp reading?
QOTD: To all the Panic! At The Disco fans and the My Chemical Romance fans! Who do you think is more hot Gerard Way or Brendon Urie!? Commente your answer.

AOTD: I choose...*drum roll*...Brendonnnnnn!...yeah I'm not much of a MCR fan.

FAN (whatever that means)

And again I'm sooooo sorry! Please forgive me :(

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