Plain Truth

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Hayleys' Mayleys' POV

I don't want to play Truth or Dare because I ALWAYS ALWAYS get cornered to do or say something that I don't want to.

"Uhhh I don't know," I say while removing my arm from Perrie's shoulder. Since she was wearing heels she was waaaay taller than me which caused me to strain my shoulder a little.

"Aw c'mon, it'll be fun! Pleaseeee?" Perrie said.

"Please Zee pleaseee?" Ari said,

"Zee?" Perrie asked,

"It somehow got formed when I tried to shorten Hayley's name from Haylz since saying Hay-Leeee was too long," Ari explained to the no longer confused Perrie,

"Oh I see," she said then turned back to me, "Hayley please! We'll do anything,"

"Anything you say?" I asked mischievously.

"No no no, not anything anything, gosh," Ari said to us,

Aww bro you just killed me.





"Fiiiiiiine," I groaned dragging the 'I' out.



We all formed a triangle and since Ari suggested we play she got to start first.

"Perrie truth or dare?"


"Ahhh the safe one I see," Ari said.

"Just get on with it!"

"Okay okay! Are you a virgin?"

Perrie turned pink after hearing that question but said no...Why do I imagine Harry showing up out of nowhere saying "kinky" with a wink?

"You and Zayn eh?" I teased.

"Shut up!" She said pushing my shoulder lightly,

"OH YOU WANNA GO?! COME AT ME BRO!" I yelled pushing the long yellow sleeves of my shirt up to my elbows and lifting my fists up ready to fight.

"Okay Zee shush it's Perrie's turn," Ari said silencing me.

"YOU CANNOT SILENCE ME YOU FOOL I AM HAYLEY I AM THE BOSS OF Y-" well that made me recieve two lovely slaps on the head.

"Ow..." I pouted then glared at the two mean girls, "I will put you in that pink burn book, you just wait!"

"Shut up!" They both said,

"Alright Zee truth or dare?" Perrie asked.

"Dare," I replied confidently.

"I dare you to sing a short poem or rap something short about wedgies," she smirked.

Haha piece of cake!

I got up and just rapped god knows what without thinking

"When it gets stuck,

Don't be ashamed!

Do the deed

And drain the pain!"

"Okay did you just think of that on the spot? Like without thinking at all?" Perrie asked, I nodded in reply and she gave me an impressed look, "I'm impressed," she said.

"Okay my turn I said sitting down, "Ari truth or dare?" I asked.

"Uhhh truth," she answered, aww you know me too well my friend. Too well.

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