We're Coming Hayley!..Oh Yeah And Sally Too!

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Hayley-Monstar's POV

I mentally scoff. Maybe Aisha should've called this book 'Hayley The Awesome Gets Kidnapped By This Psychopathic Maniac Who Wants Money For Reasons Unknown'.

This lunatic kept me here for what two days? And he won't even show his cowardly face! Yeah they fed me but the food is disgusting! Imagine this:
half cooked chicken in a cold bitter tasteless stew.

That's what kind of food they've been feeding me. Will I ever be able to taste my glorious food again? Will I ever see the light!?

HO! That last thought scared me. The light. I haven't seen 'natural' daylight in two days...

They brought another two guards to 'watch' me because Kirchuk and Michaelangelo were wussies.

But these guys were just brutal looking. They looked like they just got ripped out of those history books that tell you all about war.

I lost all my energy and felt so sluggish and slow that I didn't even have the energy to think of a plan to defeat these guys. Yes my people. That is how tired I felt.

However, I have a will, but a stronger won't.

I won't give in to these puny sausages and cry for help! I AM A WARRIOR!...who so needs a sugar rush.

While staying in the old murky room I thought about my life.

If I die right now it won't be such a bad thing because my life has been amazing this past two months. But then I started thinking about my love life.

I now have this mega crush on Niall. I used to have a humongous crush on the carrot boy but I guess it just faded, besides he has a girlfriend. Though I'm not too sure anymore about my love life.

But that's not important right now. What is important right now is tryig not to just collapse and die on the spot.

I mentally sighed. My friends will come for me.
But what if they don't? My subconscious thought.

Oh shut up! I thought back.

They will come. I feel it in my bones.

...Enough to make my system blow, welcome to the new age, to the ne- yeah I should stop mentally singing.

Hazzabears POV

'Back up' came really quickly and they brought the rest of the guys and girls with them.


I will make sure that I punch this kidnapper in the throat when I find him.

Hey guys,
Sorry I couldn't update for a long time, I'm really busy at the moment.
My new sister is here and I've gotta study for my Checkpoint Exams.
I've been working on this chapter for a long time. I didn't finish it but I just decided to post it because it's been a really long time.
Sorry it's short though.
I will get back to writing ASAP after I finish my exams and get used to my new sissy.
Thanks for understanding!!!
See you soon and once again I'm so sorry!

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