Potterhead Siblings

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*2 months later*

3rd person's POV

So much has happened these past 2 months.

1. There was a huge rumour about Jessica being pregnant with Liam's child and that Zayn was somehow Liam's brother which made him the Uncle of Jessica's child and Harry was so pissed that he quit the band and went to stay in Alabama forever.

2. Some fans knew that the above was all fake.

3. Many stupid af fans actually believed that shit and 'cried' for weeks.

4. It was also rumoured that Niall had a monkey as a girlfriend and that 'she' was called Katniss...strange...

5. Majority of the people in the world thought that the One Direction fandom was crazier than the Mad Hatter.

6. Dayna and Ari almost got run over by a drunk truck driver which made Hayley cry for 3 days.

7. The 1D boys released their latest album FOUR.

8. Dayna, Ariel and Hayley became ultimate besties.

9. The gurls and the 1D boys also became really close.

10. Yeah....and many other things...

Hayley de Monstar's POV

"Okay so who wants to watch The Notebook?" Ari asked the group on the couch.

"No!" Exclaimed Harry,

"Ew!" screamed Niall,

"No thank you..." replied Liam politely,

"I'D RATHER DIE." Louis protested,

"hmm lemme think about tha-no." Zayn said.

"I'd rather stick my toes up Lou's ass and kiss the toilet seat...than watch The Notebook," I said. And to that Lou said "Oi!"

All the boys said no with shrieks except for the girls...

"Wait...Hayley?...Did you just reject The Notebook..." Harry asked with a stunned look.

"Never in my life have I ever met a girl who refused to watch The Notebook," Louis said also with a stunned face.

Wow...I guess I really am a tomboy...Wait! No I'm not! Um..I wore a dress about uhh a few weeks ago! ('bout a week ago, week ago, fudge with us and then we tweakin' hoe) I said 'about a few weeks ago' so that can be a range from 2 days to about 60 days. Shut up it still counts.
And I wore eyeliner last week!

No one noticed but that doesn't mean that it didn't show so ha!

"Woah you are definitely one of a kind Hayley," Niall said chuckling which made my heart go all fluffy inside uh how do girls define it um something involving butterflies fluttering or something. Meh.

"No seriously how can you not want to watch The Notebook...are you even a girl?" Harry asked with pure confusion.

"Guys Hayley's a tomboy," Dayna said with a teasing tone.

"I am not!"

"Yes you are,"

"Not this again," Liam groaned.

"How can you not like The Notebook? Almost every single girl in the universe loves that movie...the fuck?"

"I'm hungry,"

"Excuse me I've gotta go fix my hair,"

"Fine then how about uhh Harry Potter?" Ari asked with a bored tone...yeah she doesn't like Harry Potter that much.

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