So Who Wants To Play Dress Up?

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(Hey guys. Well you all obviously heard about Zayn calling quits. I feel so depressed right now. I can't even describe this heavy feeling in me. It's NOT One Direction without Zayn or if any of the boys left the band. He shall always be 1/5 of One Direction and no one. NO ONE can replace him. #AllInOurHeartsZaynMalik
P.S I wrote half of this before this all happened. I might not post for a while but I will continue the story. I'm not giving up on this one. I wrote many stories but I deleted them because I lost interest but not this one. Definitely not this one.
Oh look. I'm blabbering again, sorry proceed>>>

Niall's POV

We all looked at Dayna baffled.

"Wait...did she just say that that guy is her-" I begin to ask shocked.

"Yeah," Harry replies.

"So she's his-"


"That means that they're rela-"

"Niall shush. I think we came across the points already," Liam said shushing me.

"Wait...he was wearing a do you know," Zayn asks.

"Probably by the sound of his voice," Louis answers sassily.

"Let's sit down and discuss this right now," Harry says. "By the way did any of you hear and see that annoying white dog in the background?" He added.

We all rolled our eyes at the kid.

"Not now Haz,"

We all sat in the living room. The atmosphere was tense. Like SUPAH TENSE.

"Okay well where do I begin..." Dayna started to explain about her dad and how he could've possibly kidnapped Hayley.

"Well my dad is barely home most of the time so I think that his new 'job' involved bad stuff. Like stealing, gambling etcetera. But I don't know if he murdered anyone. I remember a few months ago he asked me where I was going, by then he was home for five minutes getting ready to leave again to places unknown to me."

We all listened silently as she explained.

"I told him that I was going to a sleepover at my friends Hayley and Ariel's house. He asked me for Hayley's last name I told him but I didn't think it mattered much. Hayley met my dad only a few times but he knows what she looks like. He decided to drive me to Hayley and Ari's house because he was just about to leave as well," Dayna said with a trembling voice.

"I should've known better because I saw him a day before that and he was reading a magazine, it had pictures of you on the front cover and two girls but I didn't see their faces clearly except for yours because he folded the magazine but I saw some writings on the edge of the magazine which said 'aldi' and 'ntgomery'."

By then we all had tears in our eyes.

She took a shaky breath then continued.

"I didn't know your last name by then Ari so I thought that it was the name of a different person but with the same last name or something, I should've known! Now she's in trouble because of me! It's all because of me! I-"

"No Daynz shh don't blame yourself," Ari said softly trying to calm her.

"Ari's right. We should've remembered that things like this tend to happen because of who we are." I said a little angry at myself.

But can you blame us? When we're around these girls they make us forget the fact that we're Worldwide International popstars.
Liam's POV

"So that's why you hesitated to accept Hayley's invitation for a sleepover...yeah Niall and I were eavesdropping. We're sorry," I say with a nervous chuckle remembering Hayley's phone call with Dayna


Anyway Niall and I put our ears on the door and started listening...

{Phone convo: Bold - Hayley, Italics - Dayna.}

Hey Nightna! It's ya boy Jay-Z
*chuckling* Hi Haylz
I mish you sho much
I mish you too
Hey Dayna are you free tomorrow?
Yeah I am
Okay good because I want us to have a old times.
..........yeah that would be awesome!
Alright! So should I pick you up or-
Nonono it's okay haha I'll come over


"You sensed some stuff going on with your dad," I discovered. Woah.

Niall's POV

We all assured Dayna that everything was going to be fine.

A few minutes of silence later we decided that we HAD to do something about the situation.

"He said he wanted 10 billion pounds you know." Liam stated.

"Well then let's give it to him for Hayley."

"Yeah I'm sure we have that."

We all looked around nervously.

"Who are we kidding 10 billion pounds!? Where the hell are we going to get that! And I'm pretty sure that none of us here is secretly a millionaire."

One of the boys stated.

"Guys. This isn't about 'honesty and playing fair' we gotta be devious and cunning," Louis said.

"Dayna, do you by any chance know where he is? Or even a clue?" Lou asked.

"Well he normally talks on the phone to his gross friend Steve about this place called Jimmy Kendrick's bar. I know it's a bar because after he mentions it to Steve or vice versa he always comes home drunk as hell."

"Do you know where it is by any chance?" I ask.

We all keep our fingers crossed hoping that she knows.

"Uhh I think he mentioned something like Downtown or something I think?"

"Okay we should check that place as soon as possible,"

"But guys remember, he said something about contacting us and shit like that," Harriet said.

"Oh yeah,"

"So guys," Harry said after talking with Lou, "who wants to play dress up?" he said smirking with an eyebrow raised.

I have a bad feeling about this.

"Let's be ninjas," Louis states with the same facial expression.

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