Save Ya 'Drama' For Ya Llama

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Niall's POV

I woke up to hear someone...or something sniffing me.

I screamed in alarm like a little school girl. I was on the edge of my bed so with that I fell to the floor in shock. What was that?!

I looked up and saw...


Jessica's POV

I woke up with a jolt hearing someone scream. I looked to my side and saw my boyfriend's cute face inches from mine. I felt heavy breathing on the other side off my neck so I turned and saw.


Harry's POV

I heard Niall scream but didn't care because we probably ran out of food or something but then a few seconds later I felt Jessica move about. I felt her turn and then suddenly I heard her scream

"OH MY GOD!" Which caused me to wake up with a start."Babe!? Are you alright?! What happened? Are you hu-" I stopped mid-sentence then looked up.

"HOLY SHIT!" I exclaimed.

Liam's POV

I heard people screaming which caused me to wake up from my slumber. What are the boys up to now!

I got up and slowly walked to the room where I heard the screaming come from. As I left the room I saw Perrie, Zayn, El and Lou walk out of their rooms as well,

"Some people just screamed," Louis said.

"Well thanks for that information captain obvious!"

"Shut up,"

"Guys," Zayn said, "I think we should go in there and see what happened,"

So we rushed to Niall's room and when we opened the door we saw...

"Uhhh Niall?" I squeaked.

"Yes Liam?" He said back in a small voice.

"Why is there a small camel in your room?"

"I don't know why don't you ask it?"

"Zayn please stop breathing on my neck, it's creepy,"

"Uhh Perrie...that's not me,"

We all froze then turned around and looked behind Perrie to see another one standing behind Perrie.

"Ahhh!" She screamed and ran to he other side of the room.

Just when I thought that this day couldn't get any stranger I heard a very familiar voice say,


Hayley comes into the room riding one of the animals and next to her is Dayna whom I recognised from the store.

She just shook her head and walked in silently.

"Hayley what the fuck is going on here?!" I yell which caused everyone to flinch and also have surprised looks since I never cuss.

"What are these small camels doing here?!" I asked.

"Well first of all Leyum, they are LLAMAS and ALPACAS. Not 'small camels' geez learn your animals bro and second of all isn't it obvious? We're having a llama fiesta and an alpacallypse! Get it? Alpaca and alpacallypse because there are alpacas everywhe- no? Okay..."

"Sorry guys, I tried to stop her though I swear," Dayna said looking annoyed at Hayley.

"Les partay!" Hayley said.

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