The Element Of Surprise!

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Niall's POV

Okay so Harry, Zayn, Louis, El, Jessica and Perrie are going on there tripledate at 8:00pm.

Everyone gathers into the living room then I join as well with a bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese flavour.

Later Hayley comes in wearing a cute yellow sundress.

We compliment her choice of clothing and then....silence...

I suddenly see Hayley grab Liam's wrist and scream,

"5:43pm WHAT THE FUCK!"

Okay then...Hayley starts asking questions and Louis dramatizes his answer while Liam gives a casual answer.

I look up from my bag of Doritoz and see Hayley staring at me with that a flirtatious look?

Everyone notices and then suddenly Hayley gets off the couch slowly and advances toward me with a sly...very sly smile but I don't take much notice and continue to eat my Doritos without looking up.

"Um Hayley?" I hear Ariel say.

I glance past my knees and see feet. I stop munching and look up slowly and see Hayley staring down at me.

"Uhhh c-can I um help ya?" I say stuttering a little because of her intense stare.

"Niall babe. Did anyone ever tell you that you have gorgeous eyes," she said as she proceeded to SIT ON MY LAP.

She put her left arm around me and started to play with the nape of my hair which got me shivering. I gotta admit that it was a turn on but it was a very uncharacteristic behaviour with Hayley since she normally has an um coo coo personality. But in a good way.

"Uhh thanks?" I question. Then all of a sudden she gets off my lap and goes back to the couch she was sitting on. Her back was facing me and her hands were infront of her.

"Okay then," Louis said clapping his hands together. All the other boys clear their throats -including myself-

"Um Hayley what was all that?" Ari asked. I didn't really care anymore so I just began to focus on my bag of chips. I directed my hand towards where my bag was and felt my other hand...

"What the he-" I looked down and saw...nothing.

"MY CHIPS!" I screamed realising that Hayley stole my food. I looked up and saw my beautiful packet of food in the evil clutches of Hayley.


"Nuh uh," she said and started eating it. I got off the couch slowly careful not to make any fast movements before the beast's attention is on me.

As I am 3 feet away from her and my food we all hear a knock on the door.


"I'll get it," Liam said seeing that no one moved an inch. Hayley looked up and saw me. I pounced at her but it seems as if her reflexes were like spiderman so I missed her by an INCH!

And that was when the chase began.

I ran after her with my hands infront off me to grab her and she was running away with my food. Like Tom and Jerry.

By then everyone was already up and doing whatever though I saw Perrie filming. I'll try to delete that later. We zoom past Harry who arrived about an hour ago.

Hayley grabs a red curtain and ties it around her neck. I do the same but with a grey curtain. Aw man Liam is gonna kill us.

We both grab Zayn's light sabers which he got from this Star Wars convention thingy where all the nerdy and geeky comic books and stuff are. Though I have to admit that it is cool because of all their colourful and unusual costumes and most of the comics are awesome so I consider myself a little geek sometimes haha.

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