The Dude Wants What!?

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Hazzabear's POV

"Haha lads remember when we forced Hayley to play truth or dare with us the day before yesterday and Niall dared Hayley to walk around naked?" I ask.

"Oh yeah haha that was hilarious!" Liam exclaimed.

"I think I should make my dares more detailed," Niall mumbled.

Okay so basically what happened was that-

Flash back memory thingy-ma-jig
"But I don't want to play truth or dare, it never ends well," Hayley objected.
We all begged for 5 minutes until she gave up and said yes.
We all did some disgusting stuff and answered embarrassing questions until we reached the point where Niall asked Hayley to...
"Hayley I dare you to walk around naked,"
We all stared at Niall to see if he was joking...he wasn't.
To our surprise Hayley got off the sofa and walked right past us...
"Now you made her mad!"
"Bro are you serious?"
"Is this an example of what American's like to call 'dick moves' or am I mistaken?" I ask.
Not a minute later Hayley came back with a drink. I guess she was just thirsty.
We all looked at her silently,
"Okay Niall I'll walk around naked, it is a dare after all," Hayley said,
.....the hell?.....
She got up, put the drink on the floor and started to walk around it.
"Hayley what are you doing?" Zayn asked.
"Walking around Naked, the hell does it look like?"
Then it clicked, she was walking around Naked...the drink.
This chick is smart.
"What? No! I sai-"
"To walk around Naked, you didn't specify it Niall,"
Well that made him grumpy.
We all laughed until our eyes and stomachs were burning.

"Well it was witty I'll give her credit on that haha," Niall says.

It's almost 10pm so we all decide to go to bed.

15 minutes later

Knock knock knock knock knock!

I wake up bewildered hearing someone knocking on the door, it sounded urgent so I rushed out of my room. I saw the boys coming out of their room as well,

"You guys heard that as well?"


"Mhm," Liam said wth a yawn,



"Okay then let's go see who's at the door," I say.

When we get downstairs the knocking has turned to pounding.

"I'm coming!" I say padding over to the door and unlocking it.

"Oh my god Ari? Dayna? What happened? Come inside!"

I rushed them in quickly.

Their faces were stained with tears and both their eyes were bloodshot.

They were trembling and shaking with tears.

"Who? What? When? Where? How?" Zayn asked.

"Hayley. She's in trouble. A few minutes ago. At our house. She got kidnapped."


"How did this happen!?"

"My god..."

"Oh lord," (A/N 18 ahhh Niall)

We all started to panic.


Everything was silent except for the muffled sobs that escaped our lips.

"We...found this...DVD on her bed,"

Dayna says with hiccups showing us a DVD.

"Let's play it and see what happened," Liam suggested trying to keep the tears in. I guess he was trying to be strong. For us...

I put the tape in and when I press play we all realise that it wasn't actually a DVD. It was some sort of recorder that was showing a dark room. On the bottom of the screen we saw in little red capital letters 'LIVE'.

"About time you pressed play," a deep, raspy voice chuckled.

We heard Dayna give out a small gasp but we thought she was just out of breath or something so we didn't pay much attention to it.

"Well hey there One Direction lads, Ariel and Dayna,"

How did he know that we were watching as well?

Can he see us? That's impossible!

We all see some man come out of the shadows but when his face came into view we saw that it was hidden by a mask.

Lou's POV

I need to buy more hair gel for the boys.

Louis's POV

I swear I don't know this guy but when I find him I will kill him if it's the last thing I do.

"Well I'm just going to say this straight out, no beating around the bushes. We all know that I have your darling Hayley over here," he says moving to the side to reveal Hayley who has a rag tied to her mouth and looked unconscious, she was also tied firmly to an uncomfortable looking chair.

"Give me my best friend back you bastard!" Ari yelled but we all somehow knew that that wasn't going to do anything at all.

"I want 10 Billion pounds and be greatful because I'm giving you a week. I'll contact you again for any information I want to give you and where I want my money. Bye children and you too Dayna, I'll see you soon."

With that being said the telly turned off by itself.

What the fuck?

"Why did he say 'and you too Dayna, I'll see you soon'? I'm pretty sure that that statement was directed to you Dayna," Zayn pointed out.

Good point mate.

"Uhhh," it looked like she was hesitating to tell us something.

"I-I shouldn't be here. I'm sorry," she said getting up to rush out of the room.

"Wait Dayna. Do you know something or anything about this?" Liam asks holding her wrists but not tightly so that he doesn't hurt her.

"I can't tell you...You'll hate me forever," she cried.

"Dayna please," Ari begged, "I just want my best friend back...please Dayna..."


Dayna's POV

It's for the best...

"That's my father..."

I'm not very proud of this short, boring chappie but I wanted to post something quick. The power kept going off and it was awful :( I wanted to post this quickly before it goes off again unexpectedly.
I'm pretty sure that the ending was very obvious so yeah...I'm not proud of that either :( I'll see you soon and hopefully in the next chapters they won't suck this much el oh el cx
QOTD: Favourite animal?
AOTD: Dragons and cats :-P
P.S. Just to clear up about that random POV above Louis's, I know you know who it is so I don't have to explain anything haha.
BTW I forgot if £10B is a lot or not so much that the boys could afford and shit like that but for the sake of the story and my stupidity of not knowing shit please excuse that and pretend that it's a lot of cash yeah?

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