A Stuffed Living Things Collection!?

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(Guys I just wanted to tell you that the scene with Hayley's kidnapping should end soon and she should be saved early because this is not a story about a girl being kidnapped and all that jazz. Oh and at the moment I am rewatching all of the Ouran High School Host Club episodes, there should soooooo be another season!!! I love animes so much that it scares meh -_- woah I had this scary thought that I'd actually pick anime over my twin sis...double woah.)

Kidnapper's POV

I remember this twit. But she has no clue who I could be which is a good thing.

"ARGHHHH!" I hear a girlish sqeal and soon see someone rushing into my office.

"Kirchuk you fool, blast it! You almost put me into cardiac arrest!" (A/N: Is that how you explain cardiac arrest 'put me into cardiac arrest'? Eh I dunno so please ignoreee) I screamed.

"Dr. s-she has been possessed! Man I shouldn't have watched that movie again! I'm gonna die, but I don't wanna die! Well not now atleast I mean-" he kept on blabbering some nonsense shit until I reached the point where I've had enough.

"SHUT UP IDIOT!" I yelled.

He stopped talking and looked at me with embarrassed eyes. I heard something spraying so I looked over to where I heard the sound.

Did this asshole literally pee...in his trousers? My subconscious thought.

Yes. Yes he did.

"I should've let Jenny take over! Go clean up and go to David he needs help with his assignment. Maybe you won't feel scared when dealing with creepy porcelain dolls," I said with an evil chuckle while hiding my smirk.

Yes I'm cruel. It's my nature. Wait is that your 'I'm secretly judging you as a bad guy' face? HA. I don't care about you.(A/N BUT I DO CARE ABOUT THEM SO SHUT YO PIE-HOLE MISTER KIDNAPPER OR AMMA BUST YOU IN YO FACE BEFORE YO-*continues yapping*) Though I'm doing this as a revenge.

After he gulps and leaves my office I call in two reliable guards who will actually watch the captive.

If One Direction doesn't bring my money soon. They'll never see Hayley again. Hmmm I'm thinking of a new stuffed living things collection. Isn't revenge sweet. You ncan even get bonus points on it ha!

Hurry hurry 1D,

Or I will have to do the deed.


Curly fries (Harry obviously) POV

We realised that Dayna's dad wasn't those amateur 'put the money in the bag or I'll blow your face up into smithereens' kind of crook. He's a pro.

So in order to save Hayley we needed some special help. No we didn't call the ghostbusters though I wish we did.

We called the Derbyshire Constabulary since -according to the London Police Department- they were the best at handling tasks like this.

"If this doesn't work we can still dress up as ninjas and kick the Kidnapper's ass right?" Louis asked still feeling bummed about the the fact that we couldn't save Hayley by ourselves.

We drove Downtown with a police officer after explaining everything about Hayley's kidnapping and just like Dayna said we saw this hideous and smelly, dark looking 'bar' called Jimmy Kendrick's Bar.

We all couldn't fit in one car so -with a big quarrel- only a few of us came. We couldn't bring more than two cars because then we'd seem suspicious I mean have you seen a group of many people coming to a ghost town?...Wait don't answer that...

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