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I Will Survive... with Louis Tomlinson?


Louis’ POV


Sitting in a car full of people you’d expect it to be lively and loud, but no, not this car. Everyone was sat in silent, off in their own little worlds. My hand slipped into Scarlett’s, her eyes only gave a brief flicker over to mine before she returned staring out of the window. I could feel her hand shaking and it was slightly clammy. She was nervous, I would do anything to get on that plane with her but it just wasn’t meant to happen. I was worried for her which I guess wasn’t very reassuring. All week we’ve all been sending her encouraging comments to try and boost her confidence but I don’t think any of it really worked. It was worth a try though, I guess. Luckily this morning she agreed to take stress relieving tablets or else I’d think she’d be back at home, locked in the bathroom refusing to move. I was glad Harry went out to see Taylor instead of bringing her back to the house most of the time, that’s another thing Scarlett shouldn’t have to worry about. I hated Taylor as much as Scarlett did but Harry’s my best friend, like Scar said, just gotta bite our tongues. We can’t tear away someone’s happiness, no-one deserves that. Niall was sat behind me, tapping his fingers on the back of my seat to the rhythm of whatever he was listening to. Harry was next to him, he looked like he was in a movie the way he was gazing out the window at the empty early morning London streets. Scarlett hadn’t slept a wink last night, no matter how I tried to comfort her, but I don’t blame her. She would most likely spend the entire flight awake as well, by the time tour starts she’s going to be so tired, which only worried me more. I should be on that plane making sure she gets some sort of rest, it was really bugging me now. As each second passed the guilt only built up in my stomach, I’d skipped breakfast, 4 in the morning doesn’t seem a right time to eat breakfast, instead of food my stomach was full of guilt and it was making me feel sicker than I’ve ever felt. Zayn and Liam were tucked far at the back of the people carrier, sleeping against each other’s shoulders, the only sound coming from them was the subtle noise of their breathing. Scarlett insisted no-one needed to come with her to be dropped off but we weren’t going to see her for a month and on top of that, the boys are all pretty stubborn. I was going no matter what she said and to be honest I don’t think she minded. My thumb sub consciously circled the top of her hand, gently but it made her grip tighten. My eyes peered out of the window, I could see planes taking off in the sky, well mainly just the lights on the outside of the plane but they were definitely launching up into the sky.

“We’re almost there.” Liam’s voice literally made everyone jump. The complete and utter silence had disappeared for now.

“Ready?” I asked Scar quietly. She shook her head in response, her eyes were now adamant to look out the window. The airport was in sight and was growing ever closer with every tyre spin. “You’ll be fine.” I whispered, brushing her hair away from her face. Her knees were bouncing up and down, another sign of nervousness. As soon as the car pulled up in the departure section the whole car fell silent again. “I’ll get your bags.” I offered, ending the silence which we had all succumbed to.

“No it’s fine, Maria’s already on it.” Scarlett replied, a small smile fluttered across her face. Her eyes seemed distant from everything, she was thinking, most likely about running away from the airport but I wouldn’t let her. My eyes moved from her face to out the window, Maria was already there, piling up suitcases onto a luggage trolley. “I guess this is goodbye.”

“For now. Only a couple weeks and I’ll be there with you.”

“Don’t forget me, I’ll be there to!” Harry shouted into our ears, jumping up from behind us.

“Way to ruin the moment Haz.” I chuckled, shaking my head at him.

“Well I guess I better be going.” Scarlett replied, looking around the car.

“Yeah, I guess.” I responded, feeling just as awkward. I wanted to give her a proper goodbye kiss but I felt like we had an audience. I wanted to walk her in and give her a real dramatic movie style send-off but I couldn’t go in there without being spotted by fans or paparazzi, no matter when or where, they were always there.

“Uh, bye guys.” She flashed the others a smile before her eyes landed on mine. “See you soon?” She asked, biting her lip. Does she not realise what that does to me? One innocent little act like that gets me all hot under the collar and she doesn’t realise, not a single bit.

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