I Will Survive... with Louis Tomlinson?

Scarlett ends up in a situation, miles away from home with Louis Tomlinson. However, she doesn't even know who he is. But there's more to the story than just surviving a fatal accident. No family, betrayed friends and lost in the big world, how will Scarlett survive? This isn't your average fan fiction. Sequel called 'Happy Never After'
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*Pulls out M16, Shotgun and paint ball gun* *Puts on Jason mask* I'll help you kill the damned bitch
In reference to: He spoke, he didn't sound very confidently. 

*confident maybe?
@BeautyPrincess02 i agree he has no talent unless sounding like a dying whale and having no good looks count
This was the first book I ever read on wattpad....I love to go back and read it all the time... It's like my 8 time reading it, no joke....still love it
I would be sobbing if I was in her position. and screaming cause Louis Tomlinson is hugging me
When I read that I went "Flight sgibdrgjbfrayjb to L.A California is now boarding from gate 8."

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