My New Neighbour || Wattys2017

My New Neighbour || Wattys2017

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InfinitePeaceXx By InfinitePeaceXx Updated Aug 22

Shelly Anderson is an average student living a normal life.

Max Jackson is known as the most mysterious player and bad boy at school.

She likes going unnoticed at school and does not like to be the talk of everyone.

He is one of the populars and always scares others who comes in his way.

She likes her own free time, reading her books and spending it on Netflix and she prefers to be alone in a quiet space instead of feeling alone in a crowd.

He is often seen hanging out with his two friends, Connor McAllister, the playboy of the school and Alex Maynard, the friendly one among these three but also a jerk to others. 

She is antisocial and a loser, well, nerd to others as she gets straight A's.

He is a rich spoilt brat and gets whatever he wishes to have!!

Dancing is her passion.

Racing and fighting is his obsession.

What happens when these two clash together?

Well, do opposites attract or is it just a saying?!!

Will he be able to make her his without telling her about his dangerous secrets?

And what happens when these two become neighbours?

With Max being 'Her New Neighbour', will Shelly be able to cope with his bad demeanor or no?!! 

I think you will have to read it to find out.. 

Happy reading ^^

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sbuetiger12 sbuetiger12 Nov 13
Wait, I had no idea the series was in book form I feel like a fool now 😂
xoxlocaxox xoxlocaxox Oct 22
Same ;-; but i dont go by it. and on the weekends I go to bed whenever
xoxlocaxox xoxlocaxox Oct 22
...So like does she know she starred in it? or did they do it while she was drugged and moved her like a puppet?
Yay😘I love vampire diaries Elena is just so peng right😂❤️❤️❤️
My grandma would be like,"So who's got herself a boyfriend?" and i am like,"Your arse"then she says,"Damn straight she got one." Gross
leyad13 leyad13 Nov 03
Same!!!!! You could never part me from my books!!! You take away my books, WW3 will happen!!!!!!!! ( okay I might be over reacting, but I mean come on this is my books we are talking about here!!)