The Badgirl's Story

The Badgirl's Story

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Max is the good girl. Everyone knows it, and knows her as that. But after reading a couple of stories on, she realizes that she doesn't wanna be one of the two bore's of the town that never gets in serious trouble, or always does whats right and never sneaks out. She's tired of being like barbie. So she goes all Badass;) . What happen's on her wild rides as a badass?? Who could tell knowing this girl

 Another description:

Max is one of the good girl's in the town. That is until the day she decides to break loose and be the badass who gets anything and anyone she wants. This girl knows how to have fun, and get into trouble. Two is only double trouble, so when she's with her best girl Sammy, they itch to nearly get arrested. Plus when the badboy player gets an eye on her, the two take into competition on who is the worst, and who is better;) . No one will ever know this girl's next move

All the teachers and security always look at me like I'm gonna do something wrong but I'm the opposite 😂 super quiet and follow rules but I look like a badass. I could be one of I wanted I give no fucks 😂
white rimmed skinny jeans? maybe u mean white ripped skinny jeans? of not my bad
Egreeley Egreeley Apr 14, 2016
OMGG   This is literally what's happening to me rn!! I just started HG and I've been reading all these badgirl,badboy stories and I'm like "I Gotta get a motorbike, new clothes and a bf" u did all that and I'm fkn popular!!  <3
Thing for badass to....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😘
xXUnderlandXx xXUnderlandXx Apr 03, 2016
And it's neon purple too?! Fear the neon purple crotch rocket
AyeKalumut AyeKalumut Feb 13
Uuugggghhhhhh SAME !!!! Bad Boy isn't my Type First Book Ever read in watttpadddd