Living next door to an idiot

Living next door to an idiot

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Princess G By beau_angel Completed

(Book One of 'An Idiot' series)

Meet Haley Valdez. The Good Girl. She's a straight A honours student with a striking personality who knows how to balance her school life with her somewhat of a social life.

Enter Dante Carter. An arrogant, carefree,  egotistical, wild badboy who everyone fears ... everyone but Haley.

In an unlikely turn of events these childhood enemies find out they're neighbours and to make matter worse Haley is forced to stay at Dante's until her mother's business trip is over. What happens when the most unlikely duo get stuck under the same roof?

Constant bickering. Gang introductions. Parties. Prison time. Secrets that have yet to be unravelled...

It's surprising how an idiot can turn your world upside down.

(WILL BE UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING AS OF 24TH JUNE 2016. It'll be improved and much better. Scenes will be made more mature and more realistic.)

  • action
  • adult
  • badboy
  • cars
  • death
  • escape
  • gangs
  • highschool
  • hot
  • humor
  • love
  • mystery
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Jeez her butt must be rlly big if ppl keep talking about it lol
Kylie_m0nster15 Kylie_m0nster15 Sep 17, 2017
Yeah my dad ditched us as well but I would never give my mum up for anything
sunshine1250 sunshine1250 Jun 04, 2017
Legit the definition of my life. Sprained ankle because the air was mad at me for jumping over it lol
Kylie_m0nster15 Kylie_m0nster15 Sep 17, 2017
Me. The air decided it doesn't make me and I ended up with a fractured ankle
Surfergurl28 Surfergurl28 Sep 27, 2017
I love this, even bookmarked it. And something you should know about me, I HATE READING!!! But I love this
VolleyBall_Legend VolleyBall_Legend Nov 13, 2016
Me too gurl! I have ruled the  straight A world since elementary. But I have always gotten on trouble somehow.