Thou Shall Not • book two

Thou Shall Not • book two

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*Sequel to What He Doesn't Know.* 

"Go get in the car Joelle." I say to her as I stormed up the stairs. 

"You are not fucking taking my daughter away from me Naomi!" I immediately heard him shout as his footsteps follow me. 

"I damn sure ain't leaving her hear with you!" I shout at him as I swung open the door to my room and walked over to our shared drawer, grabbing random shirts out of it. 

"Will you just fucking listen!" He screamed at me and I stopped my actions, "If you would let me explain-" 

"There's no need of an explanation Roman!" I shouted at him, "You fucked up! No, this was all you this time. This isn't anyone fault but your own. Explain to me? Explain to me?! Please Roman! Attempt to explain why the hell she was in my house?"

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handcraft56 handcraft56 Aug 04, 2017
Wait... His nasty chocolate touching you vanilla. Am I only one who made that sexual in my head.
- - Sep 13, 2016
Im so happy Im crying. But bruh jimmy aint got no chill. Naomi is not left over if anything you better eat that plate while its still hot because noami is pretty af.
                              I know that made no sense but its gonna soon so just hang tight
TheLegitEmpire TheLegitEmpire Nov 16, 2016
💖 *Cracks the whip* You are the definition of whipped my boy! 💖
angiej21nicole angiej21nicole Sep 13, 2016
Is it Sasha, Alicia, Carmella, Noelle..... Suspense on this assistant.