artist | bieber by niallengar
artist | bieberby kim
she loved art and he fell in love with hers. artist © niallengar started: mar 26, 2017 completed: -
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Work of Art by littlepumpkinz
Work of Artby Paula O’Hara
"On your knees, baby," his voice suddenly resonated from behind me, causing me to drop my paintbrushes. I turned around to find him standing there with a dark...
  • funny
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  • horror
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With Crayons and Love (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
With Crayons and Love (Romantic Jasmine Greene
Tessa O'Brien is a twenty-three year old woman with a dark past. Her only experience with love took a dark turn for the worst, and she has not yet fully recovered from t...
  • cute
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Set Me Free [complete] by elsetterby
Set Me Free [complete]by London Setterby
A Wattpad Featured Read -- also featured in Cosmo! Where to buy the expanded & professionally edited version: Ebook or paperback:
  • maine
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Labels [COMPLETED] by Anahihey
Labels [COMPLETED]by Anahi
In high school, people are often branded with labels. Jocks, nerds, geeks, and so on. The list can be endless. They're given reputations that don't always fit the person...
  • badass
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Klance Fanart by Twat-Waffle
Klance Fanartby Twat Waffle
This is going to be a fanart archive. None of these belong to me and belong to the amazing artists that made them. This will include smut, fluff, and memes. Enjoy! Thank...
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MARRIED TO A DEVIL by shambhaviee_13
MARRIED TO A DEVILby shambhaviee
| Highest Ranking |#20 in ROMANCE | | Completed | 04-12-2017 | "Because of you i lost my brother, now i'll make your life a living hell! I promise you that you'll b...
  • hotelier
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COLORS «JIKOOK» by _fantaestic
"There's no such thing as a 'stupid question'" "What's in a mango salad?" "I stand corrected." Flower Shop! AU Tattoo Artist! AU Single Par...
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Within the Lines by esyoung
Within the Linesby esyoung
An outgoing country boy. A wallflower jock. And a completely off-limits relationship. Aspiring artist Kade Turner is the new kid at school, imported into the big city fr...
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instagram // camren by dvoritos
instagram // camrenby 🐥
❝laurenjauregui started following you.❞ A Social media Fanfiction. ▃▃▃ © Copyright dvoritos, 2017 All rights reserved. ▃▃▃ Highest Ranking In Fanfiction - #65
  • allybrooke
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50 Shades of Purple by DangerouslyCute123
50 Shades of Purpleby EpicWolf XD
"Hey, Keith, buddy! You in there?" Lance called. He rounded the corner and found a door slightly ajar. Walking up to it, he took another breath to yell for Kei...
  • shallura
  • hunay
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art / lee taeyong by tian_mimi
art / lee taeyongby 🌸 keiji
"So, if you need this book you have to sketch me" Highest Ranking #102 in Fan Fiction.
  • winwin
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no makeup | ambw imagines by anglejin-
no makeup | ambw imaginesby ❝ fanxy child ❞
No Makeup | ambw imagines [KPOP/KHIPHOP] [multiple x reader]
  • ambw
  • got7
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The McBride Series 3 : Burn Me to Ash (18+) by cLasPakaclaire
The McBride Series 3 : Burn Me c L a s P
The McBride series can be read as stand alone novels. Join Ash Steven McBride as he journey towards his path to forever. Please don't forget to leave comments and voting...
  • breeding
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Misinterpreting Fate (Book 2) by jgirl113
Misinterpreting Fate (Book 2)by jgirl113
*Book 2 of the Fate series* Sam Carr-Simmons, the son of rich CEO Allen and restaurant owner Mika, has a secret. He is absolutely, head-over-heels in love with one of Mi...
  • completed
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Secretly Married by bellajoyceguevarra
Secretly Marriedby bellajoyce guevarra
Secretly Married Fanfiction ______COMPLETED. Phoebe Isabelle Bernal Fuentabella married, Kent Tomas Fuentabella..but they are still separated for the sake of his husband...
  • friendship
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f e e l i n g s | lil xan by tortureddsouls
f e e l i n g s | lil xanby anxiety
  • xanax
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Trial & Error ✓ by citygates
Trial & Error ✓by tay
What happens when you find yourself tangled up in what could be one of the biggest criminal lawsuits in the nation? Well, you get tangled up with the best lawyer in t...
  • legal
  • love
  • interracial-romance
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Styles of Expressionism H.S by derailedthoughts
Styles of Expressionism H.Sby derailedthoughts
He was a tattoo artist by day, a painter by night. He possessed what is commonly known as an addictive personality. Perhaps inherited. He had always been like that. H...
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