Gravity Rises - Roles Reversed

Gravity Rises - Roles Reversed

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AquaPICKLEZ By AquaPICKLEZ Updated Apr 15, 2017

Welcome to Gravity Rises. A town where it's freezing cold, and mountains are really, really high. It's also where Mabel and Dipper Pines stay for their Winter Break, with their Grunkle Stan, in his Mystery Museum.

So... Nope. Nothing could ever get normal, wherever the Pines twins went.

It's just... The twins just didn't know what was bound to happen.

(I do not own Gravity Falls, it's characters, the art (but I might draw when needed), or the alternate universe, Gravity Rises. Just this book, it's cover (also the art of the cover), and it's story.)

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(Date Started: August 29 / Date Ended: N/A)

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OtakuRestored OtakuRestored Sep 18, 2016
Wait, why did Stanley say-- OH! I forgot this was Roles Reversed... Anyways, Is THIS the Melody we all know and love?
TheGreatKota TheGreatKota Feb 26, 2017
I found this to be cut and funny, I laughed to hard at this. ^-^
legoldenretriever legoldenretriever Aug 29, 2016
I love it... XD.  Batman doesn't approve... *turns to profile picture* Apparently, Grunkle isn't as cool as the name "Batman."
legoldenretriever legoldenretriever Aug 29, 2016
DUN, DUN, DUNNNNN!  GET READY, PARALLEL MABEL!  Hmm... I wonder if GF and GR ever meet... XD.  
                              Batman: ...