After by imaginator1D
Afterby Anna Todd
Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she mee...
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Yes, Sir. by ziziiswild
Yes, Zoe Wild
Leah Evans is the definition of a businesswoman: strong, smart, and on her way to becoming the biggest CEO of one of New York’s finest companies. However, when disaster...
  • styles
  • love
  • harry
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Charlotte & the Seven Frat Brothers by Jessica-Carter
Charlotte & the Seven Frat Brothersby Jessica Carter
Charlotte Withers is a senior in college. When the dorm rooms are filled to capacity, Charlotte has to stay one semester at a frat house, where she meets the Seven Frat...
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Faking it |c.h by coleismylover
Faking it |c.hby coleismylover
"Try not to fall in love with me" he whispers in my ear causing chills to run through my body.
  • romance
  • hood
  • fanfic
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She's With Lucifer | ✔️ by eroticlee
She's With Lucifer | ✔️by ashley
Lucifer Mariano is the kind of man who'll have your skin crawling with fear. His name will send you in shivers and'll have any man crying just to get rid of the thought...
  • erotic
  • mafialeader
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Mr. CEO by TiffanyLaweit
Mr. CEOby Tiffany Laweit
Instead of chasing after true love Tiffany Harrington decided to chase after her dream job as a supermodel until she met Mr. CEO, Daniel Hart, who ruined her dream and s...
  • love
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  • romance
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Depois do verão passado by scunhalino
Depois do verão passadoby Sarah Lino
Olá pra você que está lendo essa sinopse, meu nome é Clarisse, não importa a minha idade no momento, nem o que comi ontem, nem quantos garotos eu já beijei, mas que, co...
  • hardin
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♡DDLG IMAGES ♡ by xxdrunkenkissesxx
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in Little Just a bunch of DDLG Images that I think are cute X💕
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50 Shades of Drake (Drake fanfic series) by Shi1ohSanders
50 Shades of Drake (Drake fanfic Shi1ohSanders
Destiny Richards is a stellar student in her fourth year at Howard University. She is an aspiring journalist who wants to see the world, experience new things, and share...
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Constaicí [HS] by wofstyles
Constaicí [HS]by Alle
Constaicí Berarti Rintangan dalam bahasa Irlandia. Aku tak tau apa yang telah kulakukan. Tapi, keinginan Kedua orang tua lelaki itu membuatku terjatuh padanya. Terjatu...
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Monster by xscaredpotterx
Monsterby xscaredpotterx
Draco Malfoy returns to Hogwarts after the battle only to become the outcast of the school. Everyone views him as a monster and someone not to be messed with but he deci...
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After - Larry Stylinson version by bloodyhella
After - Larry Stylinson versionby Shit just got real
Louis Tomlinson is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet girlfriend. He always has things planned out ahead of time, until he...
  • harry
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  • onedirection
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🦋I wasn't thinking....please don't leave me... by Game-S
🦋I wasn't thinking....please don' GAYmer-Sans
What happens when a god is in love...more likely what happens when the god is a prince, of death....and what happens when there crush yells at them...and says such harsh...
  • reaperxgeno
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Kim Taehyung is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet girlfriend. He always has things planned out ahead of time, until he mee...
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After  by nadiasghost
After by Dahlia Claire
The following is a collection of records- journal entries, letters, and audio recordings- discovered together. And from these we can only guess at what happened to the s...
  • adventure
  • epic
  • after
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The Vampire's Desire by GhostRaider31
The Vampire's Desireby GhostRaider31
"A wild growl shot out from his lips, I kissed his neck, his hands on my body tight, at the threshold of pain. I loved it." America, Midwest, the 1800s. Kathe...
  • dark
  • paranormal
  • after
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CoNsEqUeNcEs // h.s  by singlefaced
CoNsEqUeNcEs // h.s by Neha
What happens when you are still best friends with your ex boyfriend who has been your friend since childhood and now you fall for his best friend.
  • onedirection
  • torture
  • fanfiction
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After 3 last chapter by giuliamorabito11
After 3 last chapterby julia
This is a chapter replacing the last chapter that Anna Todd created. enjoy !!!! ( i never read anna's last chapter so i am continuing on from chapter 294) xx comment wha...
  • tessa
  • love
  • harry
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Now | PJM FF [Book 1] by LilChim__
Now | PJM FF [Book 1]by #JiKook
A/N: This is a book 1 of the Now series, maybe there are two or three books. [04/08/2018] Park Ru Ha, a calm, genius girl, who lives in Seoul with her two younger brothe...
  • future
  • hate
  • fakelove
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Ever After| V x Reader by BurkahRae12
Ever After| V x Readerby 베카
"Once upon a time, I thought our story was over. Unfortunately for me, it was really just the beginning." You and Kim Taehyung used to be childhood friends. Y...
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