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Aubrey (Revolving With Axis)

Aubrey (Revolving With Axis)

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Debbie Hopkins By DebbieHopkins Updated Feb 04

"I love you." Rafe interrupted softly, gazing into my eyes.  "I love you for singing with me. I love you for overcoming your fear. I love you for not leaving the beach when it was freezing, for listening, for talking, for fighting, for trying, for giving me your all, for trusting me."
	"I love you for being honest with me." I said.
	"I'm hearing love. Are you hearing love?"
	I couldn't say anything.
	"Marry me, Aubrey." My eyes snapped up to his. "I'm serious. Marry me."
	I turned, ready to leave, wanting to leave, hating his trump card. A last ditch effort to hang on to something that needed to be done away with. 
	"We don't work, Rafe."
	"You're not a little girl." He whispered gently. "You aren't naive enough to believe that love doesn't claim baggage. We all have baggage. We come with it part and parcel, things we carry along, things we downsize and improve on. Things we change and exchange. Come on, Aubrey. We were made for each other. You can feel it. I can feel it."

Really appreciate you putting this out here beforehand and it definitely makes for some interesting stuff going forward.
FrzenFlame FrzenFlame Mar 24
                              I think this was a great chapter where you've introduced the main character  with the flow of the story. The explanation of her career was done beautifully... it didn't bore me. Also the last part-the heartbreak at the inevitable death of the baby was really touching.
amy_Bel amy_Bel Jul 18
                              This was clearly written by someone that knows how to use his/her pen.
RenkoThao9 RenkoThao9 Jul 13
                              I have to say, the main character's voice sounds very strong upon reading the following passages. Like she seems determined from what I've read. I have no idea what a neonatologist is, but you seem to make me want to know more about them!
                              I really enjoyed this first chapter. It was beautifully written, and I can truly feel the pain your MC feels. I've never read about a neonatalogist before, so it is quite exciting for me to learn about what they do and some of the horrors they can face. Excellent job!
                              This is so different from all the stories I have read in wattpad. I'll be honest with you, I have never heard of a Neonatalogist before but now I really want to know about it. The storyline got me hooked and this was such a gripping chapter. I'm so looking forward to read the next ones!