24 Hours To Live  ➳ Eazy-E

24 Hours To Live ➳ Eazy-E

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Billie Fucking Jean By moonwalkbae Completed

A story in which a boy lives his final twenty four hours on Earth after being haunted by his past. 

2016 // © moonwalkbae

😿😿😿 hoe could somebody execute him, can't wait tho.😻❤️
I wouldn't mind being the lead. But if you pick someone else that's fine too, I'm not gonna be upset or anything it's just a contest❤️❤️❤️❤️
It's kinda in the title so whoever does ask you then they're an idiot😂😂
alishakurs alishakurs Sep 08
omfg you don't even know how long i've been waiting for this book 😭
kystupac kystupac Oct 21
Yeah electric chair would be terrible, plus lethal injection is somewhat similar to his actual death
jarianaseed jarianaseed Aug 23
I hope I win ur one of my favorite writers & my favorite Eazy-E writer