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I fell in love with my husband in high school. He was the bad boy of the school, and I was the quiet girl. For some odd reason, he noticed me. We got married while we were in college. 

I believed we would love each other forever, then we had a son named Dawson. Things were still great but he then inherited his father's gang, he was now the leader of The Reckless. After that, he seemed to change his attitude. He wasn't smiling all the time or showing love towards me, but he did that with our son.

Now, I can't do things without consulting my husband. On the outside I look like I'm happy with my life, but on the inside I'm breaking.

I want my husband back. But for now, I'm married to the gang leader.

I'm always ready for a new cover, if you would like to present me one just message me! I hope everyone loves the story :)

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KatieKemp5 KatieKemp5 Apr 22, 2017
Not meaning to sound dense or any thing but who is Stephen James ? 😊
kateyparker909121 kateyparker909121 Mar 13, 2017
I love you! This is the best intro ever, the first line
                              Don't steal this book or I poke you with a stick.
DeniseAguilar DeniseAguilar Dec 08, 2017
Stephen James is sooo flippin Sexyyy 😭😭😂😂😍😍😍😍
I wish his body wasn’t covered with tattoos. He is so handsome and has a good boy and everything, but the tattoos ruin it  •_•
Sharon_s_Jester Sharon_s_Jester Feb 27, 2017
Stephen James as the first pic... Omg my ovaries just exploded
Baby_GotCakes Baby_GotCakes Feb 05, 2017
Not going to lie fan fangirling over this this book I didn't even start reading it yet