Cry Me A River

Cry Me A River

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Charlotte's life at home was anything but simple. There was a lot of fighting and money issues, but everyone climbs a mountain to see the sunrise. Charlie was just waiting to stop climbing. Waiting. And waiting. And freakin waiting. She'd been going to the same school since first grade and knew the kids almost as well as she knew her younger brother. But they didn't know her that well. 

Logan. Stupid Logan. He had to come into her life, become her best friend, have her fall for him, then decide to date her other best friend before dating the school slut and losing his virginity to her in eighth grade. If you're wondering, Charlotte's pretty fantabulous at holding grudges. 

Yet as the new school year comes around a new guy, Xavier, enters the neighborhood and finally draws Charlie's attention away from Logan. He's special, different, kind, sweet, mysterious and definitley over protective. 

What happens when the love of your life doesn't exactly love you back or when a new guy comes skedaddaling into the picture? No one really knows. And no one in the world really cares. 
Puh-lease girlfriend, cry me a river.

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Itsred03 Itsred03 Apr 17, 2017
I think 7/8 is young to have divorced parents? Try 3....ya that's young
Andy_Jessie Andy_Jessie Dec 02, 2016
Introducing meeeee!!!!! Like who else thought of camp rock and Nick Jonas
TaraFyre TaraFyre Aug 22, 2015
I am definitely interested. How old are the characters if I may ask?
                              I'm not sure about some of the words personally.
                              I will be checking out the next chapter or so to see if I can get captivated in it. I saw this because of the title and it made me think of the Justin Timberlake song!
closetlarrie closetlarrie Aug 03, 2015
My names Caitlyn, and my 3 year old cousin (4 now) called me Chuckilyn, so that's what the family calls me around him. Pretty sure he thinks that's my actual name now.
LeaaRose LeaaRose Jul 16, 2015
I too day dream of Channing Tat. singing and frolicking in the meadow with sheep on a regular day to day basis