Dark Passion [On Hold]

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Jacey L. By WriterWannabeZOMG Updated 3 years ago
Sixteen year old Jasmine Blakewood is your average female teenager, crushing on the school's most popular boy, the handsome and athletic Delano, but when one date goes array, mysterious and unexplainable activities begin to occur, leaving Jasmine to believe that Delano isn't who everyone thinks he is. And when Jasmine finds herself paying more attention to her enemy, the dark and intelligent Aaron, she is thrown into an emotional turmoil. Will Jasmine survive through the major event that will change her whole life as she knows it?
How do you come up with these ideas? I mean really. They are freaking amazing. And I love how your main character (at least in the prologue) is a male. Most people don't do that.
I am diggin this lol Not the vampire stuff I'm used to reading, but it's brilliant I must say.
Really interesting so far... Not really my type of story, but I think I'll keep reading more :)
I'm not the person to like this kind of story, but I like your style of writing. Clean and it flows well. Keep writing. :)
This is good at capturing attention immediatly. You're very good at description as well. I can see that this is going to be action-packed, romantic, and gripping. No spelling and grammar errors detected. I'm looking forward to this.
This is creative and unique. I like it so far. Especially how you introduced the 'rules'. I feel like that might have a lot to do with the rest of the story line... very good. I will read on :)