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Stop, Friendly Fire! by demoni15
Stop, Friendly Fire!by demoni15
The empire has turned into the land of the undead due to a spell gone wrong. God summoned heroes from countless worlds to purify the empire and plant new hope. Lee Shin...
  • liars
  • action-adventure
  • drama
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Ursa Major (Sans X Reader) by Im_SANSational
Ursa Major (Sans X Reader)by Im_SANSational
It had been a couple months since your little sister went missing. Guess how surprised you were to see her on the news with the headline "Young Girl Helps Monsters...
  • flowey
  • asgore
  • undertale
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My Pet~ Underfell Sans x Reader by Dark_InsanityX3
My Pet~ Underfell Sans x Readerby Darky~Sempai
A fan fiction from a fangirl who needs to go to therapy once and a while ~Darky
  • underfell
  • gamerqueen2002
  • dark
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Who will rescue Dr.Fox : Hawkodile X Dr.Fox by Ravenfanflipline
Who will rescue Dr.Fox : Dr.OliviaFox
Hey guys this is my first Unikitty Story . This is also my first Dr.Fox and Hawkodile .I'll also add Eagleator . Here is the summary . Dr.Fox is at a stake . But No on...
  • eagleator
  • foxodile
  • bloodstains
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A Puppy's Love (PJ's Daycare x Small!Inu!Reader) by IsaGraceS
A Puppy's Love (PJ's Daycare x IsaGraceS
Your mother was always busy, working hard to keep a roof over your head. She worked day shifts so she was never able to take care of you, so she had to hire babysitters...
  • dancetale
  • inktale
  • underfell
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Crossing Blades (POTC FanFiction)  by jessicateresee
Crossing Blades (POTC FanFiction) by Jessica Terese
Evelyn Archer is like none other, yet no other knows Evelyn - the true Evelyn. Pushed to Port Royal for some unknown reason, she believes that it was just the wind. Or...
  • jacksparrow
  • caribbean
  • original
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Spoopiest Stories by Hallo_Kattay
Spoopiest Storiesby Ellie~!
Hooray for Hallowe'en! Spoopy stories every Monday till that deadly day! Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue...
  • spooky
  • zombies
  • spoopy
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On the Edge of a Scythe by Blue_the_Bard
On the Edge of a Scytheby Bluemin
A local arms trader is visited by Death one night. He was supposed to take the man with him, but he offers him an option: to play a game of chess against Death, with the...
  • skeleton
  • hell
  • story
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💀~Circus Of Curiosity~💀 by Sora_Rose119
💀~Circus Of Curiosity~💀by Sora_Rose119
💀 Scarlet's first Circus experience with her friends 'Angelina' and 'Megan.' They assumed it would be all fun and games until they found themselves completely lost. The...
  • ghosts
  • skeletons
  • clowns
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Book of Poems..... by MinniePooh21
Book of Ashlee Scott
This is being put together from different poems by me and my homeboy, some will be cheerful some be the coldhearted truth. It shines on all the things on life that brok...
  • hate
  • betrayal
  • love
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Sans' puns and jokes of all kinds  by italyfromhetaly
Sans' puns and jokes of all kinds by Italy
Here 20 puns and jokes per chapter about different things hope you enjoy ^.^
  • lol
  • skeleton
  • puns
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Dead soul: Monsters Inside my Soul [complete] by Variety_Dragon
Dead soul: Monsters Inside my Variety_Dragon
Soul eaters and stealers plague Deatharae and their human friend Axton after Axton is infected with a soul parasite. These gruesome beast usually scare Axton to a breaki...
  • reaper
  • fiction
  • genderfluid
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Short Stories by FishCakeIce
Short Storiesby shrubs not scrubs
This is series of short timed writings that I'm doing to practice for my English final. They take half an hour each so updates for this will take at most 40 minutes. PLE...
  • fire
  • zombie
  • ash
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Caverns Bone by KatanaRoyale
Caverns Boneby Katie
Bones Beware! Sticks Are In The Air? Where Witches Spell & Curses Are Cast Werewolf Hunt When Everything Is Left With Nothing But Destruction For It's Wake. Bones Bewar...
  • scarecrows
  • skeletons
  • werewolves
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