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Brothers conflict  by fairylovv
Brothers conflict by Biebo
Hinata Yuri. A small boy, who looks almost like a girl. With his petite body and huge, dreamy eyes he is often mistaken for a girl. And being a ballerina also doesn't r...
Brothers Conflict Romance Story by herewerock
Brothers Conflict Romance Storyby Herewerock
Victoria is the fraternal twin of Ema, and they're moving into their new home along with their 13 new soon to be stepbrothers. Victoria and Ema haves lived alone their w...
Technical Difficulties (Brother's Conflict) by ExtraSweetTea
Technical Difficulties (Brother' R a t
Ema had always felt alone in her home so, when she was young, Rintaro adopted a sister to help keep her company. This girl's name was Mei and from a very young age they...
Not A Boy •Brother's Conflict FanFic• by Rese_official
Not A Boy •Brother's Conflict ℝ𝔼𝕊𝔼 シ︎
She loves to cross-dress and do cosplays. But can she keep up an act towards her new family? "Welp. Only Miwa-sama, Papa and the two eldest knows anyways. What's t...
Monochromatic World by MissEnigmaticPrince
Monochromatic Worldby P R I N C E
Hinata Shiro Is Ema's Big sister. She used to be a special agent working for the Government or CIA but now she only works for the FBI. She's an introvert but a cheery ty...
{Completed} My Forbidden Love!Yusuke x reader [Brothers Conflict] by Antonia_Htet
{Completed} My Forbidden Love! Dead with Uni
You have a crush on Yusuke Asahina for so long but you knew that the only girl he likes is Emma Hinata. But what if you tell him about your feelings? Will he accept it o...
new love (  brothers conflict ) by Alicevbrose
new love ( brothers conflict )by Alicevbrose
a year has passed since their sweet little sister left to Paris . coming back after their mother Miwa has gotten married new surprises and secrets unfold .
Conflicting Emotions || Brothers Conflict  by Bubby_bubbly
Conflicting Emotions || Brothers Buuubbs
Asami Hinata is the older sister of Ema and the mother of her five-year-old daughter, Mai. She is a single mom and a drop-out college student. One day, they find out tha...
My Dear Flower (Brothers Conflict Fanfiction) by ThankfullyYours
My Dear Flower (Brothers Steffan Asahina
Hinata Aimi just came back from Canada to Japan to meet her new stepbrothers and sister. Will she get along with her new step brothers? ...
Sister Complex. |Brother's Conflict Story| by ArigatoSensei
Sister Complex. |Brother's 𝗦𝗜𝗡𝗡𝗘𝗥.
Sister complex means excessive love for one's sister. Often times, it goes past a typical brother-sister, sister-sister relationship. Perhaps a best friend or to the poi...
Meet my sister (Brothers Conflict) by mystery794
Meet my sister (Brothers Conflict)by Mystery
This is based off the anime Brothers Conflict as said in the title. This is when Ema's twin sister Mia meets the family.(This story is going to be tragic. Just a warning...
I Have How Many New Brothers?! (Brothers Conflict fanfiction) by Treyner
I Have How Many New Brothers?! ( Treyner
Ema and Yui are identical twins, their hair and personalities being the only differences they have. Up until now, they've lived alone, since their father was always work...
Lincoln and His Older Brothers by Annabelle503
Lincoln and His Older Brothersby Annabelle
Lincoln's strangely humorous life in high school with his two older brothers. Warren is the oldest, eleventh grade, and William is in tenth grade. Note: This story inv...
Raven: The Prodigy Sibling by Zecha13
Raven: The Prodigy Siblingby Zecha
Tachibana Raven is a sad ,lonely and abused 17 year old girl. Raven has almost never experince joy in her life anymore...but she just wants a family...a real one. Will t...
Shota Boys x Reader by BloodRedSnow14
Shota Boys x Readerby Melancholy Sage
Here are some short x readers for your favorite shota boys! I take requests! Just list your character and the anime too in case I don't recognize the character right awa...
Forbidden Love (Brothers Conflict) by NikkiHamasaki
Forbidden Love (Brothers Conflict)by Nikki-chan
After her father, Rintarou Hinata, tells her he's getting married to the famous fashion designer Miwa Asahina, Asami and her sister, Ema, move in with their thirteen new...
Time (Btsxreader) // cover by @trojanxprincess  by idkman0-0
Time (Btsxreader) // cover by 𝙸𝚍𝚔 𝚖𝚊𝚗 ت
"You can't live without us, but we'll wait for you to admit it." . . . . . . . . Yandere! Obsession| Clingy behavior btsxreader warning: foul language Cover...
A Single Mother by KireiSushi
A Single Motherby PudSushi
Meet the Akechi Family as they move in to Kichijoji, Tokyo to start a new life. Join their adventures as they settled in to a unfamiliar environment, meet new people, en...
True Colours by Evie1107
True Coloursby Evie
Elle Hinata is Ema's 14 year old younger sister. When the two girls are asked to move in withe their soon to be step-brothers, they practically jump at the opportunity...