Broken Warrior/დაცემული მებრძოლი by _Artemis903_
Broken Warrior/დაცემული მებრძოლიby ART3MIS903
Fanfiction/Fantasy/Action *********** სკარლეტ ქრესენტა. 16 წლის უგვარო გოგონა ორი სახელით, რომელიც კორეის საუკეთესო ასასინია და სამართალს პოლიციის მაგივრად ასრულებს. არ...
  • მოსისხლემტერი
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MyAssasinPrincess by PpeachesCatz
MyAssasinPrincessby Ppeaches
A Girl Who Become a Prince's Assasin that Changes her Life
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  • friendship
  • luca
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short Action stories by dustie2018
short Action storiesby typical fangirl
just some stories that I had to write for school
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The Joy Of Being A Whore  by AmeliaGreyson
The Joy Of Being A Whore by Madison Amelia Greyson
"Nothing will ever make us feel the same way money and power do." "There has to be despicable people for the world to go round. We make the world go round...
  • mafia
  • toxic
  • drugs
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The Act (creepypasta x reader) by theanimegeek119
The Act (creepypasta x reader)by random girl ^.^
y/n is a very skilled assassin. she is intelligent, fast, violent, and very very skilled
  • assassination
  • assasin
  • xreader
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Midnight Assasin by CardinalCall
Midnight Assasinby Ryann Donohue
A fight for your life, your master, your freedom. Put yourself in the place of Skyfall in this Wings Of Fire fanfiction based around a struggle to figure out who you are...
  • assasin
  • wingsoffire
  • freedom
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An Assasins Sword by RachelStrohmeier
An Assasins Swordby Rachel Strohmeier
Kinatara is a young girl who was found abandoned, on the brink of death by a member of the Assasins League of Shadows when she was two. She was brought into the clan to...
  • assasin
  • fighter
  • love
Behind those glasses [On-going] by SilverInNight
Behind those glasses [On-going]by SilverInNight
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and events are fictitious, unless otherwise stated. Any resemblance to real person, living or dead, and actual event...
  • thriller
  • pain
  • twist
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WATTPAD'S MUST READ by Karentina23
I'm doing this to be of assistance to those who find it hard get a perfect book to read. i'm going to be giving a brief summary of the books i've read and how great they...
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  • sniper
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Practically The Female Devil by MoonStride
Practically The Female Devilby Little_Miss_Ainme
Vive wasn't a ordinary teen girl.For one she was really small.Two she was a assassin and a skilled hacker.She was also a girl blessed with powers of a mage.But she had t...
  • kindaaainmething
  • assasin
  • mages
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Tell Me | While You Were Gone by MelodytoLeamoure
Tell Me | While You Were Goneby MelodytoLeamoure
A girl never knew that such things can be real. Until she was entered into a different dimension. A group leads her life to such a point but it's a bit hard. She doesn't...
  • mature
  • thailia
  • jenny
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Designed to Break Hearts  by talwrites
Designed to Break Hearts by talwrites
Natalia was kidnaped at the age of 3 in Russia. She was taken from her family and was brought up as an assassin. The only thing she is really good at is killing, in fact...
  • beautiful
  • never
  • assasin
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Meet Barbara Azria Dangerfield, the only normal girl in the campus. She wears normal clothes, have a normal house, have a normal school (she thinks) , and have a normal...
  • encounter
  • underworld
  • action
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Neglection by MYSTICGMR48
Neglectionby TAEMYST48
How does it feel when a child gets brainwashed to do something dangerous or should I say terrorising to other thoughts-How can he replenish his mistake?
  • assasin
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  • mystic
Her Secret by ParkyMaeVee
Her Secretby Princess Maeve Azures
"I do good but I'm not an angel. I do bad but I'm not a devil." -Her Her task is simple, it is to be recognized with people. But how could that be? When only h...
  • thriller
  • secret
  • taglish
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Proměny zvířat manga by funkce
Proměny zvířat mangaby funkce
Jsem holka. Ale to neznamená, že nedokážu vzít život. Podcenit mě je to samé, jako podepsat si rozsudek smrti. Také se vyznám v jedech. Ale to neznamená, že najdu protil...
  • weapons
  • fantasy
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Raegan by salkalt
Raeganby SAL
An assassin meets a girl with a pouch of coins.
  • assassin
  • sciencefiction
  • assasin
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Guns and roses by DajanaHristovska
Guns and rosesby Dajana
This book is inspired by the movie "Leon the professional" What happens when fate brings a boy and a man of equally dark backgrounds and drags them along it's...
  • crime
  • jeonjungkook
  • charaterdeath
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